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Making a bed helps to make a personality for Mississippi girls | News

Meridian, Miss — The softball field in Northeast Lauderdale is usually full of athletes and cheering fans, but these days it has served another, perhaps more important purpose.

Last week, the Lauderdale County School District hosted the first EMPOWHER project construction date in collaboration with Sleep in Heavenly Peace, a local non-profit organization that builds beds for poor families.

After receiving a career and technology education grant from the Mississippi Ministry of Education, this initiative was launched to give girls the opportunity to learn more about engineering, construction and mathematics.

“Women are usually undervalued in these areas,” said Marie Roberts, School District Technology Director. “We wanted to raise career awareness and give them the opportunity to learn more about those careers and the education they may need to do their jobs.”

Drills, hammers and thunders may have been a rare sight for a third-year middle school girl, but Lily White and Kendal Cochran challenged them.

“I’m very happy to be here and work this way,” White said. “I have a terrible feeling for children who don’t have anything they need. It’s a place to sleep comfortably.”

White’s father works in the construction industry, but learning to sand wood and drill screws was a skill she enjoyed learning.

Like White, Cochrane enjoyed the challenge. She was the first to use Thunder, but it was surprisingly easy.

It was highly evaluated not only by the students but also by the school leaders.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for our young women to come into contact with a career path they weren’t used to having women before,” said John Mark Cain.

“It reminds us why we enter the school business. We see these young women come together to make our community better,” he emphasized. “It’s just a great experience to see them smiling on their faces and excited to learn something new.”

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Making a bed helps to make a personality for Mississippi girls | News

Source link Making a bed helps to make a personality for Mississippi girls | News

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