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Dylangia Ringer, a graduate of Haverford University, finished second at the AACR Philadelphia Marathon on November 21st with a timekeeping of 2:14:53.

Haverford College graduates in 2019 took the lead at the midpoint of 13.1 miles. Geringer wasn’t sure if he could maintain that lead for the rest of the marathon.

“I had nothing to lose, so I decided to give it a try,” said Gearlinger.

His 15-mile split was 1:15:29, leading the puck over 100 meters.

“I was definitely accelerating, but it didn’t pay off,” said Gearlinger. “I felt I wouldn’t lead the rest of the road.” And unfortunately he was right.

Gearlinger ran the next mile at a pace of less than 5 minutes. We will measure 16 miles at 1:20:20. His 17-mile split was 1:25:06 and 18-mile was 1:30:15.

Michael Chesire overtook him at 22 miles and won the race by posting a 2:13:27 clocking.

Gearlinger was worried that he might fade back to third place. For the last four miles, he asked a friend who was rooting him if there was a runner near him. He broke the third finisher in more than two minutes, so he wasn’t afraid of anything. The crown in third place went to Donald Kawat (2:17:23). Gearinger has raised $ 5,000 and an additional $ 1,000 in second place to be the first resident of Philadelphia.

When the Gear Ringer was over, he fainted for a while.

“I didn’t have anything left,” Gearinger said.

This was Gearlinger’s second marathon. He ran his first marathon, the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon, on October 10. Surprisingly, he first finished with a post at 2:20:22.

“After that, I quickly recovered from Mohawk, so I decided to run the Philadelphia Marathon,” said Gearlinger.

It was a bold move. Many elite marathon runners take a long time to recover, so wait a few months before running the next 26.2 mile race.

Note: Winwood-based Grace Moore finished third in Rothman Orthopedic 8K, recording 26:40 in a 4.97-mile race and winning third place prize money of $ 250.

Moore graduated from Temple University this spring. She ran a truck for an owl, where she essentially ran 5K (3.1 miles) and 10K (6.2 miles).

“This was the first time I’ve run 8K,” Moore said. “I wasn’t used to racing on the road, so I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t expecting it. It was to get myself into the race and confuse it with someone I could. . “

Mainline Runner Finished Second in AACR Philadelphia Marathon – Mainline Media News

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