Main Coon Cat – Breed Information and Characteristics

A cat with sweet temperament- Ever heard of such a thing? Well, there is one and he is the Maine Coon. This cat has one of the sweetest temperaments amongst many other feline breeds. With their long hair and shaggy looks, not only are they the nicest breeds but also the better-looking ones. these are the 3rd most popular breeds in the world, and many have had the pleasure of rearing one.

Origins of Maine Coons

This is one of the few natural breeds and named after the official state of Maine in the USA. It also originated from the country and was kept as a way of getting vermin, but also as a highly prized animal. Their coat and physique suited the climate of the country and in 1895, when the first primary cat show was held in Madison Square Garden, it won the ‘Best Cat Award’.

Their average lifespan goes into their teenage years and the females can get up to 5kg in weight, and the males slightly bigger, up to 8kg. they come in a variety of colours from partly-colours to bi-colours and smokey hues.

Often referred to as a tortoise or tortie shade and this coat needs weekly maintenance. It was nowhere to be found in England until the 80’s when a US resident imported 5 of these cats to the UK and it eventually won championship status in 1993 as well. Click here for more on that.

The Personality of a Maine Coon

Their big size matches their personality. They have high energy levels and need enough space to play and get upto their antics. Their natural hunting instincts lead them to run around the house or garden looking for things to play with and sometimes may bring you a ‘gift’ of two in their mouth.

They’re also known as the ‘gentle giants’ and often take a nap during the day so they cango hunting at night, even if they are within the four walls of your bedroom. They are curious animals and often like to gettangled into all that is going on every wherein their vicinity, and as such, they do make great buddies and have a close-fitting bond with their owner naturally.

Unlike the average cat, these guys have a chirping voice and do not do much meow-ing but rather make a ‘yowling’ noise when they are hungry and will get along with any other pets you have in the home, be it a dog or another feline. They do like to ‘talk’ to their owners but in a soft voice.

They are some of the most intelligent creatures and will keep their playfulness up until they get older and like to sit beside their owners, as opposed to climbing on top of them. They are kind, patient and friendly and love to be around children. So, if you have any children, you should try considering adopting one of these guys to teach your kids some care and loving traits.

A lot of people ask what is a Main Coon cat breed? So if you have heard the name but weren’t sure now you know, and having these cats is one of the best things you can do for your family. Adopting them means you have to have an assortment of different playthings such as toys and cat climbing poles and ladders big enough to support their weight.

Main Coon Cat – Breed Information and Characteristics

When Caring For A Maine Coon Is Priority

Their shaggy coat will need some maintenance on a regular basis and getting a high-quality cat brush to groom them once a week, will do the trick. They will not flinch as they do love a good grooming session because they love attention, and this is one of the best ways to do this.

In terms of keeping them clean, they require either a monthly bath or if your moggy goes outside and plays in the garden and dirt, it may be best to bathe them once a week and only with a mild pet shampoo. There is one thing to keep in mind, and that is regarding their long-haired coats; they have a tendency of shedding their hair constantly, however, regular grooming should keep this to a minimum. It should be a priority to always look after them and not only when you feel like it.

These easy to keep cats, do not have any special requirements when it comes to exercise, and they will stick with their normal routine daily. The only thing they require is long hours of sleep and naps inbetween, after which they get back to their playful nature. If you have trees in your back yard, this should keep them busy for hours and they canuse up all their energy on it, if not, investing in a cat tree may be the best solution.

If you do adopt a kitten (more info here:  you should expose them to the family early on so they can learn how to socialize with all the members of your family. However, it is necessary to handle them gently while they are still young. This will keep them from becoming reserved and shy moggy’s when they get older.

Always make sure to feed them with high-quality cat food, and for the most part, have fun with them and make them feel as loved as they will make you feel!

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