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Jesse Marmuis, Magic Summer League coachKnew that Orlando would later face adversity Win 14 points over Houston Conclude Thursday’s summer schedule.

Magic faced little resistance, but the rocket was able to return to the game at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

Knowing this, Murmuys spoke to Magic before them before the Friday movie session and Saturday’s Millions. Defeat Sacramento Kings in extra time 94-92 About not being late.

“I was trying to explain to them. The NBA game never ends,” Marmuy said.

Even he could not foresee the magical learning of learning the lesson directly the way they did to the king.

Magic struggled aggressively, blowing off the game’s best 16-point lead in the middle of the fourth, after Sacramento scored 6 points in the last 6 seconds of regulation to drive the game overtime.

Devin Canadi had to knock down 33 throws with 6.2 seconds remaining in his first overtime to push the game to 1 second.

And finally, Paolo Banchero had to play two games to decide the game in the second extra time. Stopping Neemias Queta’s alley-oop attempt, Assisting Emmanuel Terry, who made the layup that won the game..

They are moments where you can speak as much as you like, but you have to go through to understand the actions needed to overcome those moments and win.

“In reality, we can’t really simulate these things,” says Cannady. “After all, we need to know what kind of group we need to handle such a situation. We did it well.”

Murmuys was impressed that Magic was with him despite having blown the lead, and that his previous disappointment did not affect his next play. This is the NBA’s ability to allow teams to make big runs at any time.

“The example I talked to Terry was that he missed those two free throws. [in the first overtime] And I know he’s hurt, “said Marmuy, as Terry created a game save block to end the first extra period. “this is [about] It has the next play and mental toughness. He comes up with a block and gets a shot to win the game. That’s the way you have to do it. It’s a great learning experience for all those young guys. Any night can happen. “

Saturday was Bancello’s first experience at the NBA level, albeit in the summer league.

He believes he will come in a situation he enjoys and help him in the long run.

“Because it added strength and pressure,” Banchero replied when asked how the Saturday experience would help. “That’s what you dream of. In areas where the crowd’s eyes are on you, that’s what I’m looking for.”

Magic will play Oklahoma City Thunder (ESPN) at 9 pm on Monday at the next Summer League contest before playing against the New York Knicks at 7:30 pm (NBA TV) on Thursday.

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Magic’s Summer League team tastes the NBA’s unpredictability – Reading Eagle

Source link Magic’s Summer League team tastes the NBA’s unpredictability – Reading Eagle

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