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Before entering the off-season of uncertainty Mo Bamba revealed that he would like to continue to participate Although it is built by Orlando Magic.

Bamba uses words like “us,” “us,” and “us,” as he looks back on the growth that the 2021-22 season brought to Magic and discusses what lies ahead of the young core. Was used.

“I want to stay here,” Bamba said. “I just want to clarify that. I want something like that to handle itself and keep working.”

That doesn’t guarantee his future, but it’s clear that Bamba has joined the free agent with the aim of returning to Magic after spending his best season.

Bamba set some career records on average, with one category ahead of the others. He has made 71 appearances (69 starts) and played in the best 86.6% of his career this season.

The maxim that “the best ability is availability” may be a cliché, but we were able to thrive Bamba during the season when Orlando prioritized giving young players the opportunity to grow.

“The whole season was about hanging fruits,” Bamba said. “The lowest hanging fruit was only available to my teammates. I was infected with COVID for a couple of games, but my body handled 82 games. I tried to put myself in a position where I could. “

Due to its availability, Bamba gained more play time (career best 25.7 minutes) and achieved his career best with points (10.6), rebounds (8.1), blocks (1.7) and assists (1.2). Bamba was one of four playersJaren Jackson Jr., Kristaps Porziņģis, Myles Turner, on average at least 1.5 blocks and 1.53 pointers.

Bamba’s increased production wasn’t just because he played more and took more responsibility, but it helped.

He’s a better shooter, knocking down the best 38.1% of his career (4 attempts per game), and a floor for fellow starting bigmen such as Wendell Carter Jr. to attack Paint. Helped to open. Bamba’s free-throw accuracy, which is improving every season, was the highest in his career at 78.1%.

When Jeff Weltman, president of Orlando’s basketball division, starred in Mike Bianchi at FM 96.9 The Game’s Open Mike with the Orlando Sentinel, “Mo expected him to grow over the years, so I started shooting the ball consistently. “ “It takes time. Especially for people with Mo body shape, it takes longer than others. Actual consistency, the ups and downs of the courtroom are on the rise.”

Defensively, Bamba provided rim protection while reducing the frequency of fouling. This is one of the reasons why he struggled to get consistent minutes.

Bamba’s block was tied for the league’s ninth best mark. His block rate (3.3%) was lower than last season, but remained an elite.

Even when he wasn’t blocking the shot, Bamba did a good job of blocking attempts at the rim. It was an emphasis on Magic Coach Jamal Mosley’s defense plan. When Bamba was the closest defender, his opponent shot 57.8% within 6 feet of the basket, 6.2% worse than usual. According to Bamba was on the floor, the enemy Reduced the frequency of shots on the rim..

Bamba’s foul rate of 4% was the league average mark for the big guy. According to glass cleaningHowever, it was a significant improvement from the 4.7% to 5.2% foul rate he was hovering in the first three seasons. Over the past few years, Bamba has often fouled due to poor timing and positioning.

“He did a really good job of understanding where he needed to be [with the] The timing of things, “Mosley said. “You can protect and switch from time to time. He and Wendell, they were really good together.”

Bamba has made progress, but it is clear that he can develop further.

Offensively, Bamba needs to prove that his three-point shot is not an outlier and can be a threat to score other than outside shots.

Bamba remained efficient with putbacks (1.2 points per property), but his aggressive rebound rate (7.8%) was below the Bigs average. His aggressive rebound rate over the last two seasons has been above average.

He’s better as a cutter (1.39 points per possession), but still has the potential to improve as a pick and roll rollman.

Defensively, drop positioning and timing can be further improved to take advantage of his 7ft-10 wingspan.

By June 29, Magic will need to submit a $ 10.1 million eligible offer for one year to Bamba, who was ranked sixth in the 2018 draft, making him a restricted free agent. Otherwise, Bamba will be an unlimited free agent. Weltman proposed that the offer be made.

“He still has work to do,” Weltman said. “He has made a lot of progress in front of him. Mo is a restricted free agent and now the whole of our group is exhaling a lot. How the group regroups Trying to understand how they are combined. Free agents are a two-way path. I know where it goes, but I’m very encouraged by Mo’s progress. “

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Magic Mobamba advances ahead of off-season uncertainty – Reading Eagle

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