Maddies Miracles Holds Walk Ason at Exeter Township High School

Dozens of people gathered at Exeter High School on Sunday morning to celebrate and raise money for children in need and their families.

3rd year Maddy’s miracle Walk Attone has returned to a fully face-to-face format after being virtually held in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Madeline Nordhoy was born with a very rare hereditary disease, now known as Wiedemann-Steiner Syndrome. Eric and Sue Nordhoy started Maddy’s miracle three years ago to honor her daughter and help a family who may have difficulty caring for children with severe disabilities.

Malen Nordhoi, Maddy’s sister and event planner, said:

According to Nordhoy, the organization has supported six families so far.

Most of the help was in home remodeling, such as remodeling to make the bathroom easier to use. The organization also helped families get vans available to people with disabilities.

“Many of the children we’ve helped with have Duchenne muscular dystrophy,” says Nordhoi. “It’s very heartwarming to know that we can help.”

“Think about very simple daily tasks like taking a shower or brushing your teeth,” said Nordhoi. “It’s not that easy for some of these parents. It’s a constant struggle, a constant job, so that even the slightest, very big, can do something meaningful to them at the same time. “

Currently, the organization is focused on supporting families in Berks County, but hopes to expand to other areas.

Family can be nominated for help at

In the first year of the event, 100 to 200 people attended, and Nordhoi wanted 200 people to attend again.

The organization has raised $ 30,000 through a previous Walkason.

According to Nordhoy, the event will be billed as a walk-at-tone, but it’s more important than community day. The event featured obstacle courses, vendors and silent auctions.

“We want to bring the community together to hang out, celebrate, and raise money for one common purpose,” she said.

Maddies Miracles Holds Walk Ason at Exeter Township High School

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