M & T Bank Expands Outreach

M & T Bank By designating six bank branches across central and southeastern Pennsylvania as multicultural banking centers, he said he is expanding the services he offers to communities of concentrated ethnic and racial diversity. ..

This includes the M & T branch on 1 W. Lancaster Avenue in Sillington. Elsewhere, there are two in York and one in Harrisburg, Bethlehem and Schuylkill County, Shenandoah. M & T also operates four multicultural banking centers in Philadelphia.

M & T hires bankers in their respective neighborhoods of branches where the center provides banking and other financial services in the customer’s preferred language and understands the cultural nuances of the individuals and communities they serve. Said.

These branches are one of M & T’s 110 banking branches in Pennsylvania (excluding Philadelphia) and 118 multicultural banking centers with banks on the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic coasts.

“As this demographic transition accelerates across Pennsylvania, our multicultural banking initiative will help meet the changing needs of our communities,” said Nora Habig, President of M & T’s Midwestern Pennsylvania. It is stated in. “Recently, the designation of a new multicultural banking center has shown a clear intention to become a bank for all communities.”

At these multicultural banking centers, customers can access multilingual banking services provided by bilingual employees through M & T’s CAT platform. The center also creates local opportunities for businesses, nonprofits and community members to attend networking events, financial literacy classes and collaborate on community projects.

To make it easier to navigate digital banking tools for non-English speaking people, banks have recently launched a Spanish website. β€” Provides access to financial information and resources such as educational tools and online branch booking settings.

In addition, M & T has updated its ATM network to serve in Chinese and Korean. With over 1,600 ATMs, customers can now complete cash transactions in Chinese, Korean, Spanish and English. M & T also offers telephone support in 240 languages ​​at 1-800-724-2440.

M & T Bank Expands Outreach

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