Luis Severino feels he’s a better pitcher than before the injury pushed him aside – Reading Eagle

Luis Severino is not the same person who last started here at Yankee Stadium. Since September 2019, Severino has undergone major surgery, many persistent injuries, and a journey to become a better and more sustainable pitcher.

“And now I have two more children,” Severino said with a laugh on Friday morning.

He is a more mature pitcher and understands his body and weapons and how to use them.

Severino made his first start at Yankee Stadium on Saturday afternoon, September 22, 2019, after throwing only 27.2 innings in the last three seasons. It was a big moment for him, who returned to the big stage after a long injured journey. It was also a big moment for the Yankees who chose not to spend on pitching free agents this winter, thinking he would be a big addition.

Saturday was a great relief for the Yankees when Severino gave him three innings and Giancarlo Stanton and Anthony Rizzo’s big bats beat the Red Sox 4-2 at the stadium.

They won the first two games of the 2022 season with delayed lockouts. This is the second time since 2011 and the first time since 2018.

It returned when Severino was the ace of this staff.

In 2018, he was ranked in the top 10 by CyYoung’s vote. The following spring, he signed a four-year extension of $ 40 million. This continues until this year, with club options of $ 15 million and a $ 2.75 million buyout from this season onwards.

Given the brilliance he shined in the first half of the 2018 season, it was a very team-friendly deal. However, only a few weeks after he signed the contract, Severino was shut down due to a problem with his shoulder. He pitched in the 2019 postseason, felt tense on his forearm and needed Tommy John’s surgery in March 2020. He missed the entire 2020 season, abbreviated as COVID, and his return in 2021 was delayed by his crotch injury and subsequent shoulder tension.

He dropped to second place in the Yankees with Gerrit Cole, but Severino shows that he is still a very effective pitcher.

He allowed Alex Verdugo a two-run home run in three innings on Saturday. The Red Sox got five hits from him, but he didn’t walk the batter and hit five. Rizzo’s two-run shot, his second home run in many games of the season, took Severino off-hook. Staton’s home run defeated the Yankees 4-2 in many games for the second time, with six consecutive victories against the Red Sox.

As a first step, it was positive after spring training with shortened lockouts and for his first big league start in over 900 days. His speed was stable all day long, reaching a maximum of 100 and throwing 65 pitches. This is both an indicator of a healthy arm. He makes five swings and mistakes, showing that his stuff is being played.

“I don’t even know the speed you know. I think adrenaline led me to (100). I wasn’t trying to throw 100,” Severino said after the match. “As I said in last spring training, I’m just trying to make a pitch and I think I made a good pitch. Hi-Bello, I think it’s part of my game, but now it’s a really good pitch I am making. “

It’s a relief for Aaron Boone, who knew this season’s pitching would be premium and saw the call hit pretty hard the day before.

“He felt calm pretty quickly in this game,” said the Yankee manager. “I have only one two mistakes with Verdugo, but I always want the guy to calm down, especially if he hasn’t started for a long time. And I’m in a pretty short order there first. I thought I did it. “

Severino returned to the mound on Saturday, but was another pitcher, probably a better one. He is certainly wise for the journey he has taken.

“The last start here was when I was healthy here, I came here, spent 5 minutes in the gym and then went out. Now I have to spend an hour preparing No, “said Severino. “But since the last start here, I have many different pitches. Now I’m throwing a small cutter. It worked. Two different breaking balls, like the short one and the big one. Got it. And my changeup is behaving differently than before. There was a bit of sinking movement, so if I could put it all together in one day, I think I could succeed. . “


Luis Severino feels he’s a better pitcher than before the injury pushed him aside – Reading Eagle

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