Lucerne hires a new police chief as investigations into lost guns continue

LUZERNE — On the other hand The search for guns missing from the evidence will continue roomAutonomous Region found a new police chief in Chris Prescott.

Prescott was elected by Mayor of Lucerne, James Keller, approved by the council on Wednesday night with a 4-1 vote, a part-time officer was assigned, and was hired to be the top spot in the investigation of missing guns. I did.

Prescott, 58, of Bloomsburg, admitted that things had become “a little messy” and was looking forward to leading the department. He signed a three-and-a-half-year contract and was paid a full-time salary of $ 70,000 and an allowance on July 1.

Prescott said in a brief statement at a regular council meeting, “I am carrying out that mission.”

“He was a good catch for us,” Keller said after taking an oath of office to Prescott while his wife Yvette was watching.

Keller said he provided Prescott a job for his career. “I was happy to have him because I needed an officer, but he didn’t want to leave what he was doing,” Keller said.

The new chief described his 35 years of law enforcement experience in his resume. This includes 14 months as a part-time officer in the autonomous region. He worked most of the time at the Mahoning Township Police Station in Montour County and retired in 2015 as a sergeant. He then worked as Deputy Sheriff in Colombia County and spent the past four years as a School Resources Officer in the Milville Area School District in Colombia County as well.

According to Prescott, staffing is at the top of his list as chief.

“I would like to hire some officers to bring them back to the roster. Full-time and part-time, we take on what we can do now,” Prescott said.

Full-time executive and Prescott’s predecessor Michael Kotowasinsky recently resigned. The council approved three non-executive officers in June and five in July, all for $ 21 per hour.

Prescott did not say much about the ongoing investigation by the Luzerne District Attorney’s Office.

“As you know, I’d like to comment more on that, but basically the officer in charge was in charge. And up to that point, when that was all happening, I was still doing a full-time job. I was doing this part-time, so I wasn’t really in the mix. I don’t have all the updated information, “Prescott said.

Detectives in DA’s office issued an investigation warrant at the police station on June 2 in an attempt to find a firearm seized by a police officer in the autonomous district from a house on Bourne Street in 2021. Firearms, primarily pistols, were evidence of an investigation into the purchase of straw. For Ferron convicted.

Keller provided a little more information about the investigation.

“What’s happening is that he was on Bourne Street and I think this involved 18 guns. And I’m giving to someone who couldn’t buy a gun. I believe that the women who bought them did not buy those 7 or 8 or 10. Again, they are looking for these guns that no one knows. Information because there is no information. There is no such thing, “says Keller.

Keller had a search and confirmed that the gun was not found in the evidence room.

“But we welcome this. We want to get over this, and if something is happening, we want to know about it,” Keller said.

Keller said Prescott believed that he “will straighten it.”

Councilor Tony Persia cast the only “no” vote to hire Prescott, explaining that it was the chief’s contract, not his qualifications.

“When it comes to gentlemen, he’s a good person,” Perzia said. “And I said to him,’I’m behind you. I’ll help you.”

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Lucerne hires a new police chief as investigations into lost guns continue

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