Lollapalooza will livestream on Hulu next week

The current heat wave trend is that it is not safe to do outdoor recreational activities until the second week of November. At least not comfortable. After the latest seasons of “The Boys” and “Virgin River” are binging, options begin to run out. But have you ever considered catching this year’s Lollapalooza live because of the comfort of the sofa?

Hulu is the official streaming destination for Lollapalooza 2022 at Grant Park in Chicago from July 28th to July 31st. Streaming service subscribers can watch the festival’s exclusive live stream at no additional charge. New and qualified repeater Hulu subscribers can sign up for a free trial.

Lollapalooza, which began as an alternative rock heavy touring festival in the early 90’s, has transformed into one of the major destination events for several days since it took root in Chicago in 2005. Artists of various genres, from mainstream pop to hip hop, rock and heavy metal.

This year’s Lollapalooza has dozens of performances over four days, and it’s impossible to broadcast all the performances, but Hulu’s preliminary schedule released this week is no joke. It begins next Thursday with a bang destined to shake the foundations of Metallica and Windy City. Swedish singer-songwriter Tove Lo and British indie rockers are also planned.

Starting Friday night, Hulu will introduce two channels of Lollapalooza Streaming. Machine Gun Kelly, who has angered many rock fans by jumping the genre from hip-hop to pop-punk, will be one of the headliners. He will be joined by rapper Don Toliver, piano house sensation LP Jobby, and R & B star Tinashe.

On Saturdays, the rock music menu sticks together. British punk rocker IDLES heading, Emo’s legendary Dashboard Confessional plays a late afternoon set, Norwegian DJ Kygo spins, and indie rock outfit Wallows is just one of the names on Hulu. It is a department.

Lollapalooza’s last night, Sunday, spotlights Perry Farrell’s first post-Jane’s Addiction unit Porn Four Pyros. He reunited a few years ago. Even bigger is J-Hope from K-POP Megastar BTS, which will make history as the first Korean artist to star in a major music festival in the United States. The law also requires all fans to remind that BTS has not dissolved. The boy band is just taking a break, so members can spread their solo wings a bit … at least as they said in last month’s announcement.

To see the entire Lollapalooza streaming lineup,

This week’s vinyl

Keep an eye out for this spot as we look at new or upcoming vinyls from different artists each week. It could be a breakthrough recording, a special edition, or a repress of a new collection from a legendary act. This week is the latest release of the highly acclaimed “small lot” audio fan series from Craft Recordings.

The central titles of Miles Davis’s unparalleled catalog, the 1956 recording “Relaxin” and Miles Davis Quintet, featured tenor sax John Coltrane, piano Red Garland, and bass Paul Chambers. Featuring jazz greats such as Philly Joe Jones. On the drum. (Photo courtesy of Michael Christopher)

Miles Davis: “Relaxin with the Miles Davis Quintet”

The central titles of Miles Davis’s unparalleled catalog, the 1956 recording “Relaxin” and Miles Davis Quintet, featured tenor sax John Coltrane, piano Red Garland, and bass Paul Chambers. Featuring jazz greats such as Philly Joe Jones. On the drum. It was easy to add to a carefully curated small lot vinyl series dedicated to creating the highest quality vinyl reissues of legendary recordings from the Craft catalog.

“Relaxin” finds Miles Davis and his legendary sidemen at the top of their game. First constructed in 1955, the trumpet player “First Great Quintet” became the dominant small jazz group of the era and hard bop due to the skillful interaction between highly talented musicians. Was essential in defining the genre of.

These clever collaborative moments are divided into Broadway ballad bebop standards such as Dizzy Gillespie’s “Woody’N You”, Sonny Rollins’ “Oreo” and “I Could Write a Book”. You can listen to it through 6 selections of LP. “You are all about me” and “It can happen to you.” The musical “Guys and Dolls” “If I Werea Bell” was released as a single with the album and has long been regarded as an outstanding track. rice field.

Like previous small batch albums, “Miles Davis Quintet Relaxin” was mastered from the original analog tape by Bernie Grundman and used Neotech’s VR900 compound and one-step lacquer process to 180 grams of vinyl at RTI. It was pressed. 3-step process – enables the highest levels of musical detail, clarity and dynamics while reducing the amount of surface noise on your records. The limited nature of these presses ensures that each record is a true representation of the original lacquer and that the listener is as close as possible to the original recording.

Each time you press “relaxin”, it is individually numbered and placed in a slip case wrapped in foil-engraved linen, featuring an acrylic inset of the original artwork. A unique friction-free ribbon extractable from the pull tab, the vinyl disc is housed in a duplicate of the album’s original chip-on-jacket from Prestige Records and protected by an archive-quality, anti-static, scratch-free inner sleeve. .. There are also fresh liner notes from Grammy Award-winning music historian, journalist and producer Ashley Kahn to complete the package.

Limited to just 5,000 copies, “Miles Davis Quintet Relaxin” can be found online.

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Lollapalooza will livestream on Hulu next week

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