Local HIV Proponents Celebrate Biden’s Move to Expand PrEP Access | News | Pittsburgh

Local HIV supporters support the Byden Harris administration’s proposed increase in funding for HIV eradication efforts by the federal government, increased access to PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, which refers to tablets and injections to prevent HIV. I am.

“We commend President Biden’s move to increase access to PrEP as an important tool to end the HIV / AIDS epidemic,” says Julia Ock, Project Manager, AIDS Free Pittsburgh. “This budget allocation will help increase access to HIV prevention services in HIV-affected communities, including uninsured and uninsured.” AIDS Free Pittsburgh is an HIV-positive person in Allegheny County. A joint public health initiative that works to raise awareness of needs and build partnerships among local stakeholders.

Biden’s budget for fiscal year 2023 is End the HIV epidemic in the United States The initiative, which aims to end the epidemic by 2030, has spent a total of $ 850 million on the program. The budget also seeks to invest $ 9.8 billion over a decade to increase access to PrEP.

“The proposed extension is very legitimate,” said Sean De Young, CEO of Allies for Health + Wellbeing. “This will be a big boost nationwide, especially in non-Medicade expansion states where there are many uninsured individuals.”

It is important to direct this federal funding to PrEP services for uninsured people, advocacy group PrEP4All said. statement According to Biden’s budget, “the estimated 30 million Americans remaining uninsured are disproportionately black, Latin, and transgender,” so these are “the exact same population with the lowest PrEP usage.” Please note that.

“In 2019” PrEP4All continues. “The CDC found that 63% of White Americans recommended for PrEP were prescribed, compared to 14% of Latinos / Hispanics and only 8% of Black Americans. There are several options to cover costs, but they are incomplete, fragmented, and complex. The new funding of the budget proposed in 2023 overcomes these barriers and It can be used to lead a country’s HIV strategy to success. ”

Allegheny County has higher than average PrEP usage compared to other counties in Pennsylvania, and PrEP usage in the county has increased over the past few years.

“According to 2020 data AIDSVuAt least 108 of the 100,000 people in Allegheny County were PrEP users. This is a higher rate than Pennsylvania (76 out of 100,000), “Och wrote in an email: Pittsburgh City Paper..

AIDS Free Pittsburgh, in an analysis of local insurance data, found that Allegheny County’s PrEP utilization increased by 144% between 2015 and 2020.

Allegheny County Health Department Report In 2020, there were 79 new HIV infections. AIDSVu estimates that 13.69 people are taking PrEP for all people diagnosed with HIV in Allegheny County last year. This is a better “required PrEP” ratio than the state average of 8.11.

“I think there are a lot of very good PrEP providers in Allegheny County. We are all working together to send a message about PrEP access points,” says De Young.

“Biden’s National PrEP Program may not immediately benefit Allegheny County, as it is not one of the priority jurisdictions included in the first phase of the National Program to End the HIV Epidemic in the United States. Until then, Ok said. “We are focused on gathering stakeholders to take action to end the HIV / AIDS epidemic locally,” said the AIDS Free Pittsburgh group. “”

Local HIV Proponents Celebrate Biden’s Move to Expand PrEP Access | News | Pittsburgh

Source link Local HIV Proponents Celebrate Biden’s Move to Expand PrEP Access | News | Pittsburgh

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