Local educators react to patience to land on Mars

Another American-made robot rover has successfully landed on the Red Planet. Our mission is to study whether life existed on Mars.

Meanwhile, back here on Earth, local educators are reacting to this moment in history.

Patience carries scientific tools that bring us advanced abilities to search for life beyond our planet. Local educators say this is the moment many have been waiting for.

The wheels are down for modern robots to land on Mars.

“I saw the EDL team yesterday and the entry landed decently. Their goal was to enter the atmosphere of Mars and land on the ground,” said Jim Gavio, director of the planetarium in Belend, Pennsylvania. ..

Rover has successfully traveled nearly 300 million miles in the last six months.

According to Gavio, this is one of NASA’s most accurate landings, providing scientists with radar and photographs from Mars. The historic moment of the “Persian” landing is also interesting for students in the classroom.

“Bacteria are what we are talking about because we are really searching for these bio-signatures of life. We will spend time discussing it with our students.” Astronomy Teacher at Fairview School District Said Stephen Broth.

Blose says he wants to create a lesson plan that focuses on what the previous space missions and signs of life look like.There is still time for scientists to plan a manned Mars mission to Mars, but Percy is expected to offer them new discoveries.

“It takes soil samples and those soil samples will be returned to Earth in a later mission, so we will work with the European Space Agency on it and return them to space and back to the other aircraft that brings them back. More and more back to Earth, “Gavio said.

The new Rover spends more than a month preparing to perform system checks and collect data.

Gavio says the last rover that landed on Mars was “curiosity” in 2012. It is still active there to evaluate climate and geological measurements.

Local educators react to patience to land on Mars

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