Local contractors focus on building material shortages

Workers are not the only ones in short supply. This is a game that some homeowners are also waiting for if they are considering a home improvement project.

Local contractors say they are dealing with a shortage of building materials.

Some contractors say that summers are typically busy with projects, but I’ve never seen material costs so high.

Contractors say many homeowners have been waiting for a home renovation project schedule since the launch of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The president of the Builders Association in northwestern Pennsylvania says this is a problem. The supply of building materials is not enough to meet the demands of our customers.

“The job is idle because it’s said to come in every month and then another month, but homeowners are a little dissatisfied with us because they can’t finish the job. But it’s out of your control, “said Tom Montagna.

Montagna says the pandemic caused a shortage of timber and building materials. It was difficult to import supplies from Canada.

“If prices don’t go down, I don’t know if those people will build it. The same house two years ago was sometimes cheaper than $ 100,000,” Montagna said.

Owners of Angelo’s Roofing and Construction say the price of timber has risen significantly.

“The cost of a 4×8 sheet, for example 7/16, was about $ 10 per sheet, and now it’s up to about $ 50 per sheet,” Andy Binka said.

Vinca says the company tried to stock up on materials when it learned of a potential winter shortage. Despite these efforts, he says, there is still a delay.

“You always have to wait a bit, especially if you use certain materials this year. If you order siding, rubber roofs, or even commercial products, it can take 3-5 months to appear. “I will.” Vinca said.

Some contractors say they believe that opening the border with Canada could reduce the price of building materials. For now, they are waiting to see what happens.

Local contractors focus on building material shortages

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