Lizzo considers her “worthy of the spotlight” | Celebrity

Lizzo considers her “worthy of the spotlight.”

The “Juice” hit maker has confessed that she deserves the “attention” she gained throughout her career when she won it.

The 33-year-old rapper told PEOPLE: I deserve attention. I’m talented, I’m young, I’m hot, do you know? And I have worked hard. “

Rizzo (real name Melissa Jefferson) believed that she needed to “pave the way” for herself, as there was no one like her in the music scene.

She states: There was no Lizzo before Lizzo. “

The “Good As Hell” hit maker grew up “very proud” to be black, despite knowing how society perceives it.

Rizzo said: “I grew up in a family that was very proud of their blackness.

“My dad didn’t want to tell us about the horrific murders that are always happening to blacks. But black parents are responsible for letting their children know what can happen. They When I was very young, he taught me how America treats blacks. How it treats black women. And I immediately see how we treat fat people. I saw it. “

The “rumor” rapper accused him of being “cynical” and wanted to “do his best” in much of his life.

She states: How can I get the most out of this? I couldn’t survive. I wasn’t supposed to achieve that so far.

“I couldn’t be a millionaire. I couldn’t be a sex symbol. I wasn’t supposed to be on the cover of People, but yes. So how can this be worth it? Can it be something? How can this be more than just a pan flush? “

Rizzo wanted people to “go ahead” from talking about her body, but being fat “don’t care” about her.

She states: I know I’m fat. I don’t care. I like being fat, and I’m beautiful and healthy. So can you move on? “

Lizzo considers her “worthy of the spotlight” | Celebrity

Source link Lizzo considers her “worthy of the spotlight” | Celebrity

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