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The island tour in Croatia was the destination of local cyclists, primarily members of the Pagoda Pacers Athletic Club, this May. This place was created by the members’ love for a country nestled along the Adriatic Sea in Central Southern Europe.

“It’s a wonderful country,” said Liz Glass of Berks County, who organized the trip with fellow member Bill Buchanan. “Clear blue water is great, food is great, and there is history and old buildings — architecture — something not in the United States.”

Regardless of your vacation destination, this trip shows a fun way to bring your love for fitness on your trip. In this case, on a one-week bike cruise, we stayed on a motor yacht large enough to accommodate a group of 31 people.

“We jumped on the island for seven days and the guide who was with us took us to the specific place they were,” said Buchanan, who lives in Brandon. “They knew where to go.”

Sail Croatia, a UK-based cruise line, offers a scenic trip that includes five stops, giving bikers the opportunity to see beaches and historic buildings. Daily excursions ranged from 12K (about 7½ miles) to 50K (31 miles). Buchanan remembered a three-hour cycling tour with a memorable meal.

“It was only uphill all day. They took us to our restaurant, the farm, where they ate an open hearth lunch for us. They We made our own wine and everything was there from the farm, “he said. “Then we stopped by a beach called the Golden Horn, a popular beach in Croatia on the island of Brač.”

Besides Bol, they visited Milna on the island of Brač. They also set foot in the coastal towns of Makarska, Hvar, Korcula and Mljet.

“Mljet was a beautiful island with a monastery on the lake,” he said. “Makarska was our most difficult ride. It was straight and almost straight. The slope was 8 or 9 percent. The view from above was really cool — we could see a lot. . “

This group consisted of couples, ranging in age from mid-30s to late 60s, with varying levels of cycling experience. They used a rental Trek hybrid bike from Sail Croatia. The e-bike was useful for those who are accustomed to running long distances, not yet everyday riders. Buchanan’s wife, Lee, was one of the ten who chose an electric bike.

“If they aren’t regular riders, they can catch up with their loved ones, so it’s fun for everyone, rather than feeling like they’re suffering from the worst vacations of their lives,” Glass said. Told.

Each couple stayed in an air-conditioned double room cabin. The chef on board prepared breakfast every morning and refueled before heading for the day’s ride.

“They made pancakes and French toast, eggs, bacon and sausages. They also provided tomatoes and fruit juices,” said Buchanan, adding that he also had lunch and dinner on the boat, depending on the schedule.

Thanks to the sailing component, the group was able to cover a lot of ground during their one week stay.

“If we were only doing land, it would be much harder to go to as many islands as we are,” Glass said. “It’s better to take a beautiful boat than to take a van, bus or train that goes from point A to point B.”

They were mainly particular about side roads. Everything was paved, except for some that were gravel.

“It wasn’t too difficult except to climb,” Buchanan said.

One day they were given the option to visit a winery for a tasting. Some stops were more educational.

“We stopped by a small cathedral by the side of the road,” said Buchanan. “Our guide taught us history and ancient history — all harbors were forts and castles.”

In addition to cycling and sightseeing, there were some special occasions recognized during the trip.

“We celebrated our brother’s second birthday and also celebrated his 48th wedding anniversary,” Buchanan said.

The trip consisted primarily of members of the Pagoda Pacers, but was also accompanied by members of other local cycling groups.

“It’s a combination of groups, including the Berks County Bicycle Club, and our couple is also part of the Berks Area Mountain Bike Association,” said Buchanan, who knew everyone on the trip before departure, except for two. I added.

The overall view of this country in Buchanan is very positive and some of his favorite aspects are why Glass visited Croatia three times.

“It’s an absolutely beautiful county,” said Buchanan. “People are very kind, the water is indescribably clear and blue. There is little trash and one of the taxi drivers said there was almost no crime.”

Link your fitness routine to your summer travel plans – thereporteronline

Source link Link your fitness routine to your summer travel plans – thereporteronline

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