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New York — For Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of Hamilton, inspiration for art and philanthropy is inextricably linked.

Miranda recently announced a series of donations to organizations serving immigrants. The immigrant experience is at the heart of the new movie version of his hit Broadway musical “In the Heights.”

“For me, Miranda told The Associated Press that” philanthropy and artistic inspiration come from the same place. “

He is forever attracted to what he calls “the one that doesn’t leave you alone.” He said immigration is a passion for his work and a fundamental element.

“In the Heights” focuses on immigrants from the Caribbean and Latin America living in New York City, he said, and “Hamilton” is “a kind of original immigrant story.”

“I think I’m in awe of those who can leave everything they know and make an impossible leap to start a new life here,” he said. It was. “And I think that’s one of the great things about our country.”

To commemorate July 4, the Miranda Family Fund awarded a total of $ 225,000 to supporters of immigrant rights groups and policy reforms across the country. Winners include Pima County Justice, Arizona, Human Rights Union, California, Colorado Immigration Union, Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services in Michigan, Las America Immigration Center in Texas, Utah Refugee Connections, Asians Promotion of American justice. Allian the Four Progress and Orlando Center for Justice in Washington and Florida.

Luis Miranda Jr., father of Lin-Manuel and co-founder of Mir Ram Group, a political consulting firm that has worked on the Democratic Senator’s campaign, is a family of immigrants with all the winners.

Unlimited grants

It was important for Mirandas to have unlimited grants, so money would be spent on “whatever the organization believes is important,” Lewis said. “It will make a difference.”

“They know what they need,” added Lin-Manuel.

The Miranda Family Fund has been active in donations to the arts community, especially art education, for years, but recent donations have previously contributed to immigrants, including working with the Hispanic Federation to establish immigrants. Shows an expansion of: We have completed a coalition to get a job.

The fight for immigrant rights has become a much larger part of the movie version of “In the Heights” than the 2008 Broadway musical. Rinmanuel mentioned the idea of ​​making a Sony character a dreamer. An undocumented immigrant with postponed behavior (DACA) status for the arrival of a child came from the scriptwriter Quiara Alegria Hudes.

“Immigrants have been on the home page in a completely different way over the last few years,” said Lin-Manuel. “So it made sense in a way to make it part of the conversation when updating it, as it’s part of the uptown conversation in our community. What’s so cool about Quiara’s choice to have Sonny wrestle with his undocumented status is that he’s the most New York character. He said, “If I’m $ 96,000, repair the neighborhood. I will do it. “

Lewis added that he had that personality in mind when choosing an organization to support.

“It’s about ensuring that we continue to support organizations that support people like Sonny, such as refugees, migrants, and those who are coming and trying to find a way to do that here,” he said. I did.

Lin-Manuel said it was important for him to emphasize the story of undocumented immigrants.

“I think that’s one of the things that art can do, and headlines aren’t always possible,” he said. “Now you feel like you know someone who is experiencing this. You know Sunny, and it just gets into your bloodstream differently.”

Demonstration of support

He said donations are another way to show support.

“We are doing our best when celebrating our promise,” said Lin-Manuel. “Because of this promise we export, so many people from all over the world come here. If you work hard, you may have a better life. We make that journey. I want to help organizations that help make it possible for people. “

Lin-Manuel said it was important to showcase both the successes and hardships of being an immigrant.

“The secret is not to look through rose-colored glasses, but through really transparent glasses,” he said. “It’s always something we can work on, and it’s always something we can do better.”

He also has his own work on that idea. The release of the movie “In the Heights” was controversial because the movie’s protagonist did not have a dark-skinned African Latino character.Lin-Manuel apology And I promised, “I’ll do better with my future projects.”

“Every time I make a frame, I hear from people who say,’Hey, I’m not in the frame,'” he said. “I’ll bring that learning to my next project, but I also know how proud this neighborhood is of this movie because I live here. African Latinos and Latinos of all shades. Americans, and how they feel, and I can understand what I can do better next time. I have space for it all. It’s the only way to grow as an artist I think it’s the way. “Hamilton” has been criticized. Everything I do is criticized. And I can take it and then grow. “

“You have to understand that I started writing’In the Heights’ because I didn’t feel I was seen,” he continued. “So I also want someone to see” In the Heights “and write it myself, saying,’It wasn’t my story.'”

Do not return to “Hamilton”

But one thing that doesn’t come to mind in Lin-Manuel is returning to Hamilton, which is scheduled to reopen on Broadway on September 14. Theorists recently noticed Lin-Manuel’s long hair, and he was a Tony Award-winning smash.

He is different.And he cut off his hair to prove it, which Lewis was happy to Tweet Out.

“Three more movies will be screened this year, right?” Lin-Manuel said that this summer’s animated “Vivo”, Disney’s “Encanto” this fall, and his directorial debut “Tick,” Tick ​​… boom “was mentioned. “There is no bandwidth to return to the show.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda sees art and philanthropy with the same lens | Life

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