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A woman convicted of murdering her infant son four years ago and telling police she was kidnapped before his remains were found buried in the yard of her New Jersey home has been released on parole. He was sentenced to life imprisonment without a chance.

A Cumberland County jury last month charged Bridgeton with first-degree murder, desecration of body, tampering with evidence and false public alarm in the February 2019 death of 23-month-old Daniel Griner Jr. convicted 28-year-old Nakira Griner of

The family expressed tearful grief at last week’s sentencing hearing, where a judge issued a ferocious assessment of her actions before imposing a life sentence without parole and a concurrent condition of blasphemy and false public alarm. .

Griner initially told police that he was attacked on the street in February 2019 and kidnapped 23-month-old Daniel Griner Jr., according to authorities. A thorough search was launched, but the child’s burnt corpse was found in her garden the next day, and an autopsy concluded that he had been beaten to death.

According to prosecutors, Griner later told police her child accidentally fell down the stairs at her parents’ house, but she called from prison saying she “did what he did” to cover up the bruises on her body. Stated.

Defense attorney Jill Cohen admitted her client dismembered and burned the child’s body, but prosecutors were unable to prove she was directly responsible for the child’s death. Therefore, he argued that he was only guilty of manslaughter. Cohen said he plans to appeal the ruling.

Family members attending the sentencing hearing wore buttons with a picture of the happy boy. Several in court called the defendant selfish and indifferent. When given the opportunity to speak in court, Griner did not look up and refused to speak.

Patricia Wooland, Daniel’s paternal grandmother, said, “He was my precious grandson…a very sweet child, but you took him away from me.” You didn’t think about how to destroy the.You are a monster.”

“Our family has lost so much that we will never get it back,” said Gabriel Nat, Daniel’s cousin, tearfully. “The stranger wept for our Daniel, but he is not his own mother. Not a single tear.”

High Court Judge George Gangloff Jr. called her crime “beyond comprehension.”

“You shattered his skull into dozens, broke his ribs, and then, after his death, put his remains in the oven and cooked, grilled, or cremated them,” said Gangloff. whichever you choose, they are all equally terrifying.”

He said he knew an ambitious YouTube personality who posted about fashion and other topics would one day get the attention he wanted. Life imprisonment imposed for boy murder, false kidnapping report – NBC10 Philadelphia

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