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Did Ray leave forever?Award-winning actor Liev Schreiber Recently opened to us about returning to Ray Donovan World for Ray Donovan: Movie, Why share a one-off movie and premiere show timeFriday, January 14th The final story is the origin story.. But that’s not all he had to say.

In the following, Schreiber to his title character, the wealthy, famous, and often crooked movie problem solver of the movie that summarizes the storyline that was hanging when the show was suddenly canceled in 2020. Looking back on the return.

Do you want to do it first after the show is canceled? Ray Donovan movie?

Liev Schreiber: No, I didn’t want to do it Ray Donovan movie. I loved it being temporary. However, when we received the news from Showtime that it was canceled, we felt like we hadn’t completed the story, and we felt that our fans and characters had a duty to complete the story in a more definitive way. ..

Many fans thought there should be a miniseries, not a movie.

I was tired. I had been doing it for 7 or 8 years at that time. It wasn’t terrible news for me, but I was very impressed with the love and support of the fans. When you’re on a TV show and you’re in the living room of people for that long, there’s a relationship you develop with an audience you don’t know. It was also very overwhelming in a good way to hear the fans miss us and they want to end the story. It really felt like something we needed to pursue for them and for ourselves.

Why did you decide to co-produce and star in the movie?

David Hollander [executive producer] Asked me. At first, I was scared because I had a great sense of responsibility, but I felt that it was one of the things worth trying.

You were also writing what turned out to be the finale of the series. Which is more difficult, acting or writing?

write in. I need the details that I already had, but I was curious about the structure of the work. But I enjoyed it and I’m really proud of the script.

The show has many flashbacks to young Ray (Chris Gray) And his father Mickey as a young man (Bill Heck). More than a series, the movie seems to be about the father and son of Mickey and Ray. And in the case of Ray and Bridget, father and daughter (Kerris Dorsey). You may basically say that it is about the sin of the father.

I think we actually talked about it at some point Father’s sin As a title. But it was too nose. The inherited idea of ​​pain resonated with all of us as cast members. Trauma that has not been dealt with and creeps across generations. It investigated the dangers of containing and suppressing it. It was a big part of who Ray was to me and what drove his violence.

Where are Ray, his brother, and Bridget when the movie begins?

Not much time has passed.Brigitte’s husband Sumiti is awake [Graham Rogers]Was killed trying to make a deal with Mickey.

Is this also a story of Bridget in a sense?

Yes. In many respects she is the successor to the throne. Bridget has always been my compass of the Donovan family — a place for all his hopes. In many respects she seemed to be the least traumatic of all of them. So she may somehow be able to move this family forward.

Young version played by GoldbergAJ MichelkaRay’s beloved late wife, Abby, also appears in a wonderful scene.

When Ray and Abby were together, you can see Ray and Abby’s first budding relationship at his father’s bar. [first] she. Abby asks why he is with her. And Ray suddenly realized, “Yeah, that’s a good question.” And he realized he was looking at his future.

The bar is also where you see the beginnings of Hollywood fixer Ray, right? You’ll see actor Sean Walker (played by Chris Petrovski) get into some bad trouble.

The character Ezra, played by Elliott Gould, was Sean’s manager at the time. You can see what the relationship between Ray and Ezra is. [who he later worked for] start.

When we last saw Mickey, after the shootout that killed Sumiti, he killed Ray last season for revenge on his rape, his wealthy former criminal partner, the late “Sally” Sullivan. Sister who led to her suicide who had millions of valuable stocks from her vault. Where does that thread go?

Mickey decided to do that and go back to Boston and his old mob contacts to see if he could sell the paper. Ray departs to chase him.

There are many tragedies in series and movies. Can someone in Donovan find happiness? Probably Banshee (Dash Mihoku)?

Apart from the innocent and open nature of Bunchy, he tried to talk about it in therapy. I think Ray tried it too, but he never did it. He may still get there.I want Ray to make it [to happiness]..

Liev Schreiber as Ray Donovan's Ray Donovan: Movie

Is there still life of Donovan on TV?

I probably ended up with Donovan, but I think they can continue.

With Bridget as the head of the family?

who knows?

In the meantime, there are several projects.You are in the film adaptation of Ernest Hemingway’s novel Cross the river to the trees.. And have you just completed the movie in the UK?

Golda, Movie about [onetime Israeli Prime Minister] Starring Golda Meir Helen Mirren..I play [Richard Nixon’s controversial Secretary of State] Henry Kissinger. I met him; he is incredibly clear at the age of 98.

Ray Donovan: Movie, Premier, Friday, January 14 9 / 8c, show time

Liev Schreiber reveals what has regained him for “Ray Donovan: The Movie” | Entertainment News

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