Liberty baseball seniors have left their mark on the program with many promises – wake-up call

When baseball people talk about the Liberty High program, they often talk about the future and how bright it is.

Juniors Ayden Zabala, Tommy Mason, JC Spinosa and Reece D’Amico will be back next year, and sophomores Braylen Gonzalez, Jacob Rivera and Noah Gyauch-Quirk will be wearing hurricane uniforms for another two seasons. Promising as a 25-2 team this year.

However, Liberty did not play the Hazelton area in the PIAA Class 6A Semifinals at 4 pm on Monday at Creekview Park at East Stroudsburg University. ..

It passed the Pennsylvania Eastern Conference and the title of District 11 as a freshman 16-0, lost the entire 2020 season due to a pandemic, and is a small experience at Liberty all the way to the strong regular season. It’s a group. Then, in 2021, the post-season decline continued.

They have already graduated, but their seniors are proud to still represent freedom in the 100th anniversary of the school. They hope they don’t have to put away their hurricane uniforms until Thursday night after the 6A title match at Medlerfield, Pennsylvania State University Lubrano Park.

“These kids come in as freshmen and you have a relationship with them until the end of their senior years and they will be like your own kids,” said Liberty coach Andy Pizziros. rice field. “Now we are working with them all year long and meeting them. You get to know them and they are a family for the rest of their lives. They are back and we Throws to them. Three or four guys from last year’s team came back and exercised. It’s like a big family. “

Pitsilos said his program typically alternated between large and small senior classes, with 12 seniors in the 2021 team. Although the ’22 class is small, its members have become one of the most successful local programs and quality caretakers.

“Usually, the middle class experiences some growth pain, but we are lucky to experience growth pain and still be able to win,” said Pitosiros. “These guys are very skilled and more skilled. This year we have faced many No. 1 pitchers from our opposing teams, which has helped them grow. Experience is important. There may be a lack of talent. “

Liberty was short of only two times this season, losing to Nazareth 8-3 on March 29 and retreating to Blue Eagles 1-0 in the EPC semifinals on May 17.

In the process, the team won seven one-run games and a few additional innings.

“This group of kids is great because you talk to them, suggest something, and do the next exercise they have it,” said Pitosiros. “They want to be part of something bigger than themselves. It’s a lot of selflessness.”

Its selflessness is how special it is for O’Neill, the winning pitcher of the night, to win district gold in the school’s 100th anniversary year after the district title beat Emmaus on June 1. I talked about whether there is one.

“It’s great to still be playing with these guys and it’s a great way to go out as a senior,” O’Neill said. “That. We all grew up playing together at the Little League level. We all knew that each other would come in. We’ve been playing together since we were very young. We grew up together as brothers. We are really a family. It’s cultural. We’re very tight. “

“We all have different backgrounds, but we are all focused on winning together,” Schierer said. “That’s what we all want.”

Shiler hits .297 with 18 RBIs. Landis, who is mainly used as a runner, has scored 15 times. McLaughlin is 5-0 and ERA is 1.73. O’Neill hits .309 with 14 RBIs, 5-1 as a pitcher, 1.21 for ERA, 46 for strikeouts, and only 6 steps in 40⅓ innings.

However, the value of older people cannot be measured with statistical sheets. Bargains, buses to the game, and resonating in the field are intangible approaches, mutual beliefs.

“These people have stabilized the ship,” said Pitsilos. “They are good kids who did their best for the team and made sacrifices. I am very fortunate to have them.”

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Pitsilos hopes they can be used in two more games. District 2 champion Hazleton is a strong team, but Liberty enjoys being vulnerable throughout the season.

“We embody the whole town,” said Schierer. “We are a team that we didn’t expect everyone to do big things. No one expected us to go this far. We were the third in the category and now Is in the state semi-finals. He ran really well. “

Enhancing Liberty’s culture and tradition is what O’Neill said.

“We have continued the great Liberty baseball tradition of 100 years,” he said. “We’ve had a great atmosphere in the game. It was incredible. The other day in Boyertown our entire student section was there. We’re doing it for Bethlehem. , We are doing it all for the kids going to Liberty. And we are doing it for the guys from last year. After every game we are those guys You will receive the texts “Great job” and “Keep it going”. You love to see it. “

O’Neill continues his career at Weidner, Shiler heads to Arcadia, Landis goes to Slippery Rock, and McLaughlin goes to a vocational school, but they’re always hurricanes.

“I’ll be here whenever I can come back from college and watch the game,” O’Neill said. “This is my family.”

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Liberty baseball seniors have left their mark on the program with many promises – wake-up call

Source link Liberty baseball seniors have left their mark on the program with many promises – wake-up call

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