Letter to the Editor: Columnists Understand It Correctly

Will Wood’s Commentary (April 24, 2022) I’m writing to praise “I’m a Republican …”. He cleverly explains why he lamented the decline of the first party he joined and why he hated new delegations. His party in the Republican Party, very noisy people.

As a centre-left Democrat, I have valued the role of social justice that the party defends, but also respected the emphasis on independence that is characteristic of Republican philosophy. Indeed, from time to time I speculated that the ideal was a combination of the two. This is combined with a philosophy of self-help and the perception that some Monopoly players have been unlucky with rolling dice and have reached Mediterranean Avenue. Cooperate with.

I didn’t vote for George W. Bush, but his new compassionate conservatism seemed worthwhile. Hopefully he actually did it with his policy efforts, but honestly I can’t remember any example of it.

While waiting for a new election, Republicans pay homage to the former president and advertise a flat lie that everyone knows while he’s so dysfunctional that he seems to be passionately obsessed. I’m sad that I can’t offer anything other than doing it. He spreads lies anytime, anywhere — and surprisingly, otherwise ordinary people believe in him. Mr Wood is insightful that the difference between the two parties is now a matter of principle and personality.

I want to join him and have the majority of voters come to polls to express their principles and character rather than their delusions. This is the final idea. It would probably help if some of the Republican’s best VLPs read John Dean’s “Blind Ambition,” a well-known convert from Watergate to Virtue.

Bill O’Brien, Consciousness Coach


Letter to the Editor: Columnists Understand It Correctly

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