Legislators move to return whole milk to school lunch plans | State

The return of whole milk to school meal plans is backed by dairy farmers and state councils who support the health and economic benefits of beverages.

Pennsylvania is the second largest dairy farm in the country and is currently a legal guide. PA dairy products contribute $ 12.6 billion annually to the state economy, according to an announcement from the Pennsylvania Dairy Association.

Proposal of a new bill, HB 2397Proposes a partnership between schools in Pennsylvania and dairy producers. Schools buy whole milk or 2% milk from dairy farms in Pennsylvania and sell it to students.

In 2010, the federal government passed the Health and Hunger-Free Children’s Act, which amends standards for school meals. In addition to requiring a minimal portion of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, the law requires schools to provide only 1% milk or skim milk. Flavored milk also had to be low in fat.

According to the PA Milk Marketing Commission, milk consumption by young people across the country has been declining to 35% since the federal government’s order in 2010.

Pennsylvania MP Glenn “GT” Thompson, along with D-New York MP Antonio Delgado, will allow schools to provide whole milk or 2% milk in the “Whole Milk Law for Healthy Children in 2021”. Introduced.

US Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) has introduced the “Milk Milk for Children (MILK)” law to allow schools to provide whole milk and 2% milk.

  • Milk is the official beverage of Pennsylvania.

  • Pennsylvania is home to more than 5,430 dairy families.

  • PA rank 2nd Number of dairy farms nationwide and 7th Total milk production nationwide.

  • One cow supports $ 24,000 in Pennsylvania’s annual economic income.
  • The state supports one job for every 10 cows.

The above facts are calculated from the Pennsylvania Dairy Farmers Association.

Legislators move to return whole milk to school lunch plans | State

Source link Legislators move to return whole milk to school lunch plans | State

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