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Upper Melion — Valley Forge arrived long ago to move forward.

“This is the first time he has pitched for the first time in four years,” said General Tom Drakeford’s coach about Dale Clayton’s save on Friday night. “It was wings and prayer, and he really stepped up when we needed it.”

Valley Forge defeated Mount Carmel 3-2 in the action of the Greater Norristown American Legion Baseball League at Huser Park, defeating Bobby Heiden with two people, and Clayton entered the final.

“This is a big win. It’s a bit tighter than we expected at the beginning of the season,” Drakeford said. “This allows us to stay a little ahead of the play-in games that no one wants to play. This week we have three major games that can stay in the top half of the league.

“Today the pitching really went up. I had a lot of problems with the pitching. I got injured and the kids played the travel ball. The first baseman Dale really went up. Sometimes you’re good. I’m feeling. I’m taking someone who feels sick there. So it’s really nice to be a little happy to go home on Friday night. “

The victory raised Valley Forge’s record to 4-4 and set the home game with Park Valley at 7 pm on Sunday. Mount Carmel fell to 1-8-1, and a home game with Park Valley was set on Monday at 6 pm.

Valley Forge dented the scoreboard at the first at bat.

Gus Costello (2 to 3) started things and dropped one in a double.

Costello stole third and Nick Hutchinson took a walk to place a runner in the corner.

Dale Clayton tore the line drive single in the center, leading Costello 1-0.

Hutchinson came to score an error after that inning to boost his advantage 2-0 against right-handed Tyler Squire.

Hutchinson settled on the mound and threw two innings to start the night.

Mount Carmel approached third, and Heiden’s RBI single cut the deficit in half. 2-1.

Valley Forge was trying to fill the lead sixth, but it was Mark Clayton who helped provide that cushion.

The catcher hits a deep shot to the left with a belt and is suitable for stand-up triples.

“Mark was reliable to us all year long. He was our four-year player and was a big hit when we needed it. It really gained momentum.” Drakeford said.

The catcher said, “I used to struggle with the plate, but I lifted the clutch when needed. I’m proud that this year’s bat was pretty good, but I have to give it to the pitching. No. I allowed only two pitching runs and continued the match. “

Hutchinson won with a solid job of four innings, hitting three hits and allowing three hits to one run (unearned) without walking.

Matthew Devonshire was relieved and threw scoreless 5th and 6th. He fought seventh, defeating Gabriel Terra and letting Squire pop out.

John Drova’s RBI single was 2 on and 2 out, bringing the cavalry closer 3 to 2.

Dale Clayton put Heiden on the plate and took the mound, counting 2-0. Clayton took full advantage of it and won a strikeout at the end of the game.

“They were hitting their spot,” Mark Clayton said of the pitcher. “They threw a good pitch, kept it in the zone and kept the runners away from the base.”

Ursinus College sophomore and football player Mark Clayton likes what he saw on Friday.

“I needed this,” he said. “We want to start rolling at the right time and get into the playoffs enthusiastically.”

Legion Baseball: Valley Forge Holds to Defeat Mount Carmel | Sports

Source link Legion Baseball: Valley Forge Holds to Defeat Mount Carmel | Sports

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