Lebron James Violated NBA’s health protocols

Yeah, you read that right. Lebron James Violated NBA’s health protocols by attending an event. Lebron James was one of many high profile guests present at a promotional event for a Tequila brand that he has backed, before the Los Angeles Lakers played their play in game against the Golden State Warriors. James won’t be suspended however, as the “nature of the event didn’t rise to a threat level of virus spread.” which is somewhat fair enough, but therein lies the question, where do you draw the line?

So if Lebron James has Violated the NBA’s health protocols by attending an event and somehow got away without a suspension, even if it was a play off game or rather play in, in this case, would that not set the rest of the NBA teams on high alert? Would that not make other players just do what they want? OR at least think they could? I know if I’m at work and someone breaks rules and they get away with it, I assume that I can just do what I want and break those rules too right?

Lebron James Violated NBA's health protocols

So anyway, as I mentioned, he attended an event for a tequila brand that he backs, seems fair enough, at that point it’s technically a business meeting in some regards, but when tequila is being poured? Maybe not. They had an outdoor photoshoot, featuring people like actor Michael B. Jordan and rapper Drake. A thing to note is that anybody attending had to provide proof of being vaccinated, or that had to provide a recent negative test otherwise they would not be allowed to attend.

So if they had to prove that they were negative or even better vaccinated, you may be asking yourself, so what if Lebron James has Violated the NBA’s health protocols by attending an event? The league needs to set a standard, they need rules, of course if they just let athletes do what they want they risk exposure to Covid-19, meaning games go back behind closed doors, or even worse, cancelled. Now, the NHL had a similar problem with the Calgary Flames having players exposed to covid, meaning they had to postpone multiple different games early in the season.

This caused a jam all over the league with teams having to shuffle games around, the main jam being at the end of the season, for the rest of the NHL the Stanley Cup playoffs started, the North division however? They had to wait for the Flames to play their last 3 games, so you had teams like the Boston Bruins 4 games into their round 1 series, meanwhile the Toronto Maple Leafs were JUST starting game one against the Montreal Canadiens. Crazy right?

Lebron James Violated NBA's health protocols

BACK to the NBA though, one thing Lebron needs to think of is, he’s been at the forefront of SO much over his career, campaigning for so many fantastic causes, does a lot of that great work get put on the backburner purely because of his silly need to break protocols? Whether he and the people around him were covid free isn’t really the point in my opinion, the fact of the matter is the rules exist for a reason and as a person with HUGE influence, not only in and around the league, but all of America and the rest of the world, he has a responsibility to follow those rules.

What are the youngsters in the league going to think when they see people like him doing what he’s doing? I mean  if Lebron James has Violated the NBA’s health protocols by attending an event why can’t I? The same can be said by young fans, they’re easily swayed by the behaviour of their idols. Now as I’ve already mentioned, everything he does isn’t bad. He’s been

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