LeBron James is now a Millionaire – Reading Eagle

The latest member of the Billionaire Club is Slam Dunk.

LeBron James, a prolific four-time NBA champion with business ventures, including multipurpose entertainment companies, is officially a millionaire. Forbes Reported on Thursday.

According to Forbes, James is the first active NBA player to reach the billionaire threshold with a pre-tax profit of $ 1.2 billion.

According to financial institutions, the shares of Springhill Company, where James made movies such as “Space Jam: The New Legacy” and the next “House Party,” are worth $ 300 million, and his real estate is $ 80 million. It is evaluated as. ..

The Los Angeles Lakers star, who signed an NBA contract of nearly $ 400 million in 19 seasons of play, is said to have earned $ 500 million in cash and other investments, but has invested in the Fenway Sports Group. It is evaluated as follows. $ 90 million.

In 2014, James GQ The prospect of becoming a billionaire was his “biggest milestone.”

“I want to maximize my business,” James said at the time.

James, 37, recorded the second-most points in NBA history at 37,062 and the seventh-most assists at 10,045. He won two NBA titles in the Miami Heat, one for the Cleveland Cavaliers and one for the Lakers.

James also starred in “Space Jam: A New Legacy,” which was released last year.


LeBron James is now a Millionaire – Reading Eagle

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