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The husband and wife team is making strategic moves within the logistics department.

Antoine and Regina Fain are owners Alpha Transports, LLCA freight and trucking company that acts as Amazon’s delivery service provider.

After Antoine Fain was fired from his corporate position, the couple sought the potential to become a provider of Amazon Logistics.

Alpha Transport CEO Antoine Fain has over 23 years of management experience, and the company’s Chief Financial Officer, Regina Fain, has over 22 years of accounting and auditing experience.

The Duo from Houston was initially trying to launch a logistics business in the area.

“The region has one of the longest waiting lists in the country,” explains Regina Fain. “So I was waiting for Amazon to assign us a station and get started. Perhaps it was still on the wait list for about 7 months … and the rest of the country. The urgent need for the region and one of those areas was Philadelphia. “

Initially, Regina Fein wasn’t interested in doing business in the northeast, but then she began researching the market.

“I’m just starting to study Philadelphia and I really believe God was preparing us to come to this area,” she said.

They eventually moved from Houston to the Philadelphia region and officially began operations in April 2020, shortly after the pandemic. Fains’ entry into the logistics industry began as many people were ordering from online retailers through Amazon.

“For delivery service providers, it was a really good time for us to get in,” Regina Fein said. “In fact, we didn’t see any slowdown in business.”

However, Alpha Transports has had to overcome various setbacks since it set up a shop in the area. For example, Regina Fine sent some of the drivers home after struggling to get the car back to the designated parking lot in Port Richmond when a nearby shopping center was attacked in the 2020 riots. I remembered that I had to.

“We have been hijacked in the area and some drivers have been struck by guns, but in reality they are still prosperous. It was God’s grace that allowed us to do it. “It’s,” said Regina Fein.

“Our greatest pleasure in this role is to be able to empower our team, because everyone starts with us as drivers and then we are promoted from within.”

She is proud to be able to see some employees promoted to managerial positions.

Alpha Transports employs approximately 60 people and operates an average of approximately 23 routes per day.

In February, the couple expanded to launch Fain Logistics, Inc., becoming an independent contractor for FedEx Ground, currently offering nine zip codes in the Maryland region.

Regina Fain said she learned important lessons along the entrepreneurial journey.

“One of the sure things we’ve learned is that there are no unsolvable problems, as we had to come up with strategies and solutions on the fly,” she said.

“The important thing is not to show your team that you are in a hurry when you are in a hurry. Use your resources to make the best decisions.”

— Entrepreneurs selected by the African-American Chamber of Commerce

Leading a Prosperous Logistics Business for Married Teams | Work

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