La La Anthony will never marry | Celebrity

La La Anthony doesn’t think she will get married again.

The 39-year-old actress who admitted to having experienced a public bankruptcy from Carmelo Anthony (with her 14-year-old son Kyan) is “really hard” and she’s not what she wants. I think I will repeat it in the future.

She states: “After experiencing what I’ve experienced, which was really hard to be public, you’ll start to feel that way and see how people get tired of it, but I always want to stay positive. I think.

“I don’t think we can get married again. That means a great person will have to come. I don’t think it will happen again.”

But Lara, who filed for divorce in June, doesn’t want her to focus, but does not rule out finding love again.

Regarding the Angie Martinez Show, she added: “But I don’t know what God has prepared for me.

“I’m just alive and caring for my son, and that should be the case. I don’t try to emphasize it too much, and you accept something like” I ” Because it starts. I want to be alone, so I just stay with everyone and there are people around me. “

“I don’t have the time to have random energy and people around me.

“I want it to be right.”

Lara and Carmelo, 37, have been on and off since the first split in April 2017, seven years after their marriage. The actress admitted that she was single again “for years”.

She states: “For many, this one feels new. We’ve separated and packed it many years ago, so we’ve dealt with the emotions behind it.

“I still have my own moments, but most of the time I can talk about it now, laugh about it and find humor in all of it. Otherwise I would be a basketball case- I have already gone through that part. “

La La Anthony will never marry | Celebrity

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