Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant pass the Cavaliers in a play-in game to secure a date with the Celtics’ seventh seed – Reading Eagle

During the 2.5 quarters of the 115-108 play-in win against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Tuesday, Nets gave fans what they wanted: a complete and uncontested command of the game.

You should feel that the victory of the championship candidate is dominant. You should feel comfortable. It is supposed to remove the shadow of doubts about which of the two competing teams is better.

It should feel almost unopposed, and during many of Tuesday night’s games, Nets looked like a non-opposed title fighter and defeated much less competition.

For Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, who led Brooklyn to victory and made a first-round playoff matchup with the second-seeded Boston Celtics, almost everything seems undisputed. They have been the first Nets teammates since 1993, each with a 20-point, 10-assist game. Durant has taken out an 11-assist playmaker toolkit to score 25 points.

During the first 2.5 quarters, the two superstars steered the net towards dominant results. Such things have missed this team too often this year.

And that happened, and it was almost predictable: the wheels started falling in the middle of the third quarter.

twenty two. 20. Seventeen. 14. 12. The Cavaliers reduced Nets’ lead to 6 in 5 minutes in the fourth quarter. I could feel the anxiety of bubbling in the crowd.

Ohno. It’s happening again.

“I think basketball needs to be prepared for that,” said Steve Nash. “That’s the game. Anxiety is part of the game and stress is the backbone of the game.”

But the net was here before. In fact, they were here more often than Durant liked.

The blown leads are mostly intertwined with the structure of the net’s DNA. They build leads, take their feet off the gas, and increase it when the game gets too close — not intended for puns.

It happened when the league’s worst Pistons turned a 10-point net lead into a 12-point advantage, with an 18-point lead against the Indiana Pacers and a 17-point lead against the Houston Rockets. , And that happened last week against the Cavaliers.

That night, Nets led 17 at the end of the first quarter, drew in the fourth quarter and won 11th.

“I think our group is much more confident. That’s the nature of our team at this time of the year,” Nash said. “It’s part of our journey. It’s not just about getting out there, building 20-point leads and turning them into 30. How it adapts and when it changes. It’s about coordinating, doing different things, and trying to build that cohesion. With those general experiences on the spot. “

The only difference on Tuesday night was the stake.

Tuesday’s loss would have been catastrophic. The net was sent from a solid match against Boston 2 to a consolation showdown between the winners of the 9th-10th match between the Charlotte Hornets and the Atlanta Hawks.

But the loss would have been comparable from the course. This is the net. They may play with food, and it may not always be clean, but they treat the business when it matters most.

“We just stay calm,” Durant said. “We know that the team will ruin the game when launching and throwing zones. The next property could trap pick and roll. So sometimes they tell us. Just throwing a curve ball defensively may slow us down a bit, but I think we’ve handled everything pretty well, even though they have different defenses. “

That’s because they are led by two players who have won everything so far, and Nash’s cool, calm, collected head coach. every night.

Durant, Irving, and of course Nash, put this team on the right track, whether in the face of adversity, when other teams seem to lose momentum, or when things get tougher. I will continue to guide you.

“It’s a desperate basketball,” Irving said. “Anything can happen. It was a win for us two and it was natural. We just didn’t want to be too close.”

More importantly, this victory reaffirms the belief that the Nets team can turn on the jet when needed, preparing to power up the postseason from the seemingly regular season cruising team. Reaffirm your belief that switching to a team that is ready can confuse higher teams. -Seeded opponent.

The Nets can’t afford the Celtics to make many mistakes. Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, and coach of the year candidate Ime Udoka aren’t waiting for their arrival.

However, there are things on the net that most other teams don’t have. They have Durant and Irving. The two Shoe-in-Hole of Famers are also two of the highest scorers in NBA history. And they have the experience of turning their backs on the wall. Because, in a sense, they’ve been playing urgent and desperate basketball for the past two months.


Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant pass the Cavaliers in a play-in game to secure a date with the Celtics’ seventh seed – Reading Eagle

Source link Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant pass the Cavaliers in a play-in game to secure a date with the Celtics’ seventh seed – Reading Eagle

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