Kutztown Rotary Club Farmers Night Thank Farmers

The Kutztown Rotary Club continued its tradition of thanking the agricultural community during the Farmers Night Picnic on September 11th at Maidencreek Township Community Park in Brandon.

“(Farmers Night) is an opportunity to bring together local farmers to eat and acknowledge everything they are doing for the region and the world as a whole,” said Tom Kurup, president of the Rotary Club of Kutztown. Said. “COVID has made us realize that everyone needs more farmers. It now makes more sense to recognize people who have gone one step further to bring food to the table of those in need. I think there are people here tonight. “

Kutztown Rotary has hosted Farmers Nights for 84 years.

“I’m proud to be the next president to maintain this tradition,” Kulp said.

The Kutztown Rotary Club was unable to host a regular Farmers Night Dinner at Kutztown Grange in February due to COVID restrictions, but the club will host a 2021 dinner as a picnic in September. I decided to do it.

“This is our 84th year, so we wanted to be able to honor our farmers again this year. They are a very large part of our community and Berks County. These are very important in this area. “That’s what Melissa Kirk, secretary of the Rotary Club of Kutztown and president of The Rotary Foundation of Kutztown, said. “So we moved it to a picnic … it’s a bit safer in the current environment.”

Rotarians from Kutztown and Fleetwood, young people from FFA and 4-H, and members of the agricultural community gathered under the pavilion to enjoy a barbecue-style dinner offered by Moyers Catering.

“This year isn’t as big as it was last time, when it was close to 200, as some people couldn’t attend. Kirk said,” This year isn’t really the best time for farmers. I wanted to keep the tradition every year so that I wouldn’t miss it. “

Lizzy Bailey, PR / Membership Director of Pennsylvania State Grunge, has been a guest at Farmers Night Dinner for the past few years.

“Whenever we get together and discuss what’s happening on the farm or in the community, I think it’s an educational element,” Bailey said.

Farmers Night provides farmers with the opportunity to network and share what they have learned through their experiences.

Speakers included Senator Judy Schwank and Governor Bob Hobo of Rotary District 7430.

Schwank speaks annually at Kutztown Farmers Night, so I’m thrilled that Rotary Club has brought together the agricultural community and Rotarians, especially given that COVID prevented the club from hosting an event in February. I am.

“By doing this, I think we can bring people together and thank the agricultural community again,” Schwank said.

Senator Judy Schwann spoke at the Farmers Night Picnic at Rotary Club in Kutztown. (Photo by Lisa Mitchell – MediaNews Group)

Her favorite part is talking to people who you don’t always meet.

“But the fact that 4-H and FFA students are usually here may be more so. I love listening to them and seeing them win the award,” she said. Told. “It’s great to see them engaged. It’s very rewarding to see some grow up and graduate and some come in every year.”

Schwank has updated attendees on laws affecting the agricultural community, including milk expiration dates, solar panels, broadband, and nature maintenance funding.

She also discussed the 20th anniversary of 9/11. The so many speech themes she heard that day focused on unity.

“There are very poor farmers in the western part of the country,” said Schwank, noting that there were fires and droughts in the western part and heavy rains and flooding of the fields in the eastern part. “We need to be aware of how fair the entire agricultural community in this country is and what each of us can do to support each other.”

“We celebrate what the farmers are doing.” — Bob Hobo, Governor of Rotary District 7430

Hobo talked about Rotary International being based on five paths of service, including profession.

“We respect all valuable professions and professions. If we have a community like us and the state is primarily agriculture like us, we are who are the main players in the community. We have to recognize that. We congratulate the farmers on their actions, “he said.

Local agriculture includes not only crops, dairy products and meat, but also wineries, mushrooms, tomatoes and organics.

“It adds a lot of cultural value to our table,” Hobaugh said. “We serve great food in this community and throughout Pennsylvania. We also have the money that agriculture brings to us, which enhances our quality of life.”

A longtime member of the Kutztown Rotary Club, Hobo has served on the committee hosting the Farmers Night Event for 25 years. This year was the first year he did not join the committee, as he is serving Rotary in a new role as district governor.

Rotary District 7430 District Governor Bob ...
Bob Hobo, Governor of Rotary District 7430, spoke at the Farmers Night Picnic at the Rotary Club of Kutztown. (Photo by Lisa Mitchell – MediaNews Group)

Hobaugh would like to thank the committee members Marie DeFilipps, Nancy Hildenbrand, Florita Hobaugh, Melissa Kirk, Tom Kulp, Joni McPike, Ellen Overcast, Kurt Rohrbach, Jim Springer, Chris Volk and Connie Werley for taking over this year’s event. bottom.

“We are very fortunate to have this event this year. COVID has made it impossible to meet in February, as we usually do. Thank you to the Commission for doing this. “I will,” said Hobo.

About three months ago, Hobo became governor of Rotary District 7430, which includes five counties: Burks, Lehi, Northampton, Bucks, and Montgomery.

“The district governor is the leader of the servants. I am also the cheerleader of the people,” he said. “My job in the first month is to meet with all 47 Rotary clubs in our district, encourage them, and strive to be the best Rotarians possible.”

The picnic ended with a performance by Berks County musician, composer and entertainer Dave Klein.

The Rotary Club will host the 2022 Farmers Night Dinner in February, when the event is usually held.

The 2021 Farmers Night Event was sponsored by Fleetwood Bank, Olbrights Feedmill, Fulton Bank, Burks County Farmers Bureau, Cognos County Feed Inc., and Spots Insurance Group.

Kutztown Rotary Club Farmers Night Thank Farmers

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