Kit Harington: “I’m a happy, happy, sober man” | Celebrity

Kit Harington is “a very happy, happy and sober man”.

The 34-year-old actor, who spent time rehabing after Game of Thrones, had his wife Rose Leslie and son in February. Kitt says he was happier than ever.

He told Weekend Australian: “I have children and the relationships are great … I am a very, very happy, happy and sober man.”

However, Kitt admitted that he was exhausted as Rose took over the responsibility of raising children while filming a new project in New York.

He said: “Honestly, my back is broken. I go to the gym quite a bit, but there’s something about having a kid that is the most physically exhausting. I have a way do not understand [single parents] Do it. I’m more tired than I did in Game of Thrones. “

Meanwhile, Kitt, who had previously joked Rose, became pregnant at the age of 34 after becoming “apocalyptic and romantic” during the blockade.

He said: “He’s nice, he’s in that gorgeous little stage. We went into a pandemic without knowing how it would last, but all became apocalyptic and romantic. And now we have a baby. “

Kit lamented the “useless” parenting advice given before his son was born and compared giving birth to a new baby with getting an unwanted roommate.

He states: “I have a lot of advice. Anyone who is a parent will find that you get a lot of advice before that.

“It’s all like,’It’s great, you’ll love it, it’s great.’

“But basically, at first, you’re a new roommate just abandoned in your life, you’ve never interviewed, you don’t know your rules, you break all the house rules, and you’re you Fall in love with them so that they can’t get rid of them, it’s parenting. “

Kit Harington: “I’m a happy, happy, sober man” | Celebrity

Source link Kit Harington: “I’m a happy, happy, sober man” | Celebrity

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