Kids get backpacks, school supplies

EDWARDSVILLE — Dozens of families lined up around the Verizon store in Edwardsville just before 1:00 pm on Sunday, waiting to receive a free backpack with notebooks, pencils, glue, rulers, and folders. There was also.

Frank Cotz of Nanticoke took his grandson Elliott to the event and was very pleased to complete the event with his backpack, popsicles, pizza and other activities.

Elliott Cotz, who will be in fifth grade in about a month, said he was excited to return to school and was happy to spend time with his grandfather.

Kotz, who learned about the event when he came to pick up the phone at Verizon, said he would like to take his two other grandchildren next year.

“This is great,” he said. “It makes children think about going back to school.”

For Cots and many other families, the beginning of a new school year means buying items such as pencils, book bags, notebooks, and rulers.

Unfortunately, the cost of these items often puts a financial burden on many parents.

Verizon Regional Manager Shauna Fiske-Harris said the event is becoming a Verizon store tradition and has been hosting gifts for the past few years.

Last year, she said the event was modified due to a coronavirus pandemic and was held as a gift drive-through.

This year’s event has been “grown up” with donations from Revello’s and Price Chopper, allowing for light meals and simple activities.

Fiske Harris said he entrusted staff Ryan Fine with the task of organizing the event and acknowledged his achievements for doing a great job.

“We like to delegate such projects to employees, and this worked,” she said.

Fine handed out popsicles and helped them choose the perfect color bookbag, which was well received by the children.

Fiske-Harris estimates that about 200 backpacks will be distributed before the end of the afternoon.

More than 750 Verizon stores nationwide donated more than 140,000 such backpacks to local children as part of the 9th Annual School Rocks Backpack Giveaway.

Kids get backpacks, school supplies

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