Key Steps in Becoming an Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Certification Holder

The professional accreditation for the AWS Solutions Architect is the highest level of proficiency one can gain on this path. Your technical skills and advanced experience will be assessed when it comes to designing systems and applications distributed on the AWS platform. With this, you are expected to be able to create and deploy dependable, expandable, and fault-tolerant applications on AWS.

As such, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect– Professional (SAP-C01) is the rightful exam for individuals engaged in the solutions architect role ― particularly those with profound expertise in working with the AWS platform. So, today, let us breakdown all the key steps you need to fulfill to become certified.

  • Earn the necessary knowledge and experience first

For you to get into the professional level, be sure to understand various AWS and general IT concepts and earn some relevant competencies in the field of cloud architecture.Certbolt.comFirst and most important, you need to tick that two or more years of hands-on experience in the list. With such a background, you will easily demonstrate your capacity to evaluate cloud application requirements, design and deploy cloud architecture, and advise architectural recommendations. This also means that you are already familiar with the scripting language, AWS CLI, AWS APIs, continuous integration, as well as Windows and Linux environments.

  • Obtain pertinent and reliable exam preparation materials

Once you see that all the requirements are met and you are qualified for SAP-C01, what you need to get now are vital resources to enrich your knowledge. AWS offers valuable training sessions and other materials to assist you in obtaining the necessary skills. You can also avail of their practice test for only $40. Aside from AWS, other pertinent study sources like video tutorials and books are also available online.

  • Get hands-on for your preparation

Maximize the use of all your resources and plan out your study schedule. By mastering the needed topics one by one without long distractions, you will improve your current skills in handling enterprise-wide scalable operations on AWS. You will also become adept in migrating complex, multi-tier applications and implementing cost-control strategies. Devote a lot of time to your exam preparation and absorb as much information as possible. Doing these diligently will certainly enrich your knowledge, confidence, and test-taking skills.

  • Pass SAP-C01 exam and be certified!

The corresponding exam for this certificationlasts for 180 minutes and is composed of multiple-choice questions with some necessitating multiple answers. At a cost of $300 USD, your investment will truly recompense with greater career opportunities and professional growth. According to PayScale, these specialists earn about $130k annually. All you need to do is acquire a minimum of 750 points from a score of 100-1000 and you’re off to become an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional.


Taking your career to the next level is highly achievable. With the stellar accreditation from Amazon, you will gain excellent technical skills in assembling well-grounded applications on AWS. That’s why it’s important that you train hard. And apart from your prior experience, it is essential that you boost your knowledge by utilizing reliable learning resources. If you do this consistently, there’s no question that you will pass the exam and accomplish this top-ranking certification.

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