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Kennett Square — “Meet at Parklet” is often heard in town last summer as friends and family gathered safely at West State Street Parklet, built by the historic Kennett Square (HKS). It was a word.

This summer, HKS will bring the Kennett community another great place to meet and enjoy everything Kennett Square offers. It’s the new parklet “The Greenhouse” outside the Square Pair Gallery. Parklet patrons get coffee and treats at Philter, Talula’s, or GFG, buy Michoacana ice cream, take out from many of the city’s finest restaurants, or sit down at the library or Kennett Bookhouse or simply Watch the world pass by. They will find flexible and shaded seating options hidden around beautiful herbs.

The construction process has stimulated a lot of curiosity among passers-by over the past week as Leo, Pam and JJ Besera’s Guardian Angel Home Repair team changed the corners of South Broad Street and East State Street. This curiosity is an important part of the creative placemaking process, according to HKS Executive Director Bo Wright.

“People have bet whether this structure was built for Letty’s Tavern or for the Kennett Brewing Company,” Wright says. “And the answer is neither — and both! Parklet is for everyone.”

Creative placemaking projects like The Greenhouse foster a sense of place by engaging and connecting with people through the power of art. “The intention is to build a community,” says Wright. “A fun and temporary solution to meet the needs of the community or overcome barriers (in this case, the need for outdoor seating and meeting space) can help increase people’s awareness of public spaces. “

Placemaking may be a new term for some, but the principles of placemaking have gradually taken root in Kennett Square over the last few years.

“When HKS started on the third Thursday a few years ago, it was difficult for residents to imagine State Street as a space for people without traffic,” says Wright. “But the success of these events is the weekly closure for outdoor dining during a pandemic, and the road to West State Street Parklet, which HKS built last summer for Lily, Filter, Tallah, and Grain customers. Again, residents were wary of giving up parking space, but as soon as the parklet was built, the general public accepted it. I at HKS For all of us, and for our wonderful team of volunteers, it was rewarding to see parklets being used daily by a mix of generations of residents and visitors. People are a safe outdoor space. We wanted to meet each other at. It was heartwarming to hear the people we met at Parklet for the first time after months of quarantine and isolation. This aspect of community building is South Broad. It’s also an important element of a street project. “

The location of the greenhouse is also strategic. “We also want to draw attention to and celebrate Kennett’s art,” says Wright. If Kennett Square had a district of arts and culture, its center would probably be fixed by the Square Pair Gallery and the American Legion Building, which houses the studios of artists Peter Willard of Trovernine, Robert C. Jackson, and Voice Teacher Sae Yamamoto. It will be a blocked block. The office of Jackson, photographer Rusty Nelson, and the Kennett Symphony Orchestra.

Right next door on 109 South Broad Street is the Holly Peters Oriental Rug and Home Gallery, the studio of artist Carol Lesser and Groove KSQ musician Brian Tuk. Of course, the building is also home to KBC’s craft brewery.

Corien Siepelinga, owner of Square Pear Gallery and a member of the HKS Board of Directors, led the idea for Parklet on the eastern side of State Street, and Square Pear Gallery is the project’s anchor sponsor.

“Last year’s small park created a nice atmosphere that welcomed people and invited them to stop by and appreciate the beauty of our small town,” she says. “We loved drinking coffee in a small park outside Tarla. Spaces like this make Kennett Square feel like a home.” She also awaits parents and brothers of art students. Or look forward to having a safe and attractive space to enjoy ice cream to celebrate their work of art.

A greenhouse that reflects the region’s famous horticultural and artistic traditions would not have been possible without the generous sponsorship of the Square Pair Gallery and Longwood Gardens. “Building a parklet is a lot like building a deck at home,” says Wright. “A lot of design work and planning has been spent on it, and the cost of wood has risen exponentially over the past year. Parklet is a fun and simple solution for outdoor seating, but at a considerable cost. It takes. Thanks to all the sponsors of SquarePear Gallery and Longwood Gardens, and Kennett Blooms. “

The greenhouse features beautiful plantings designed by Hilltop Garden Design, which is partially watered by the outflow of rain falling on the sloping roof. The roof is a great place to sit in the rain. “The sound of rain on the roof is amazing,” says builder Leo Besera. Wright describes Parklet as “plant-filled.” This will be even more so as the planting grows and additional planters are installed in the next week or so.

The greenhouse provides people with the best window seats in Kennett from dawn to dusk. There are lights that welcome warm summer nights and adjacent tree lights that are wrapped in lights on holidays and turn on again in the summer.

Parklet has a specific poem. This is a place built for the season to set up a scene of people-to-people connections. “Creating such a project to help make Kennett a more beautiful and welcoming community for everyone is at the heart of our mission at HKS,” says Wright.

In addition to numerous individual community members, other business sponsors of Kennett Blooms include Arthur Hall Insurance, Bamboozled, Clean Slate Goods, Davis Accounting, Kennett Bookhouse, Soil Shepherds, Taste Kennett, Traveler Nine Studio, and Yoga Secrets. ..

Kennett Square adds Parklet as a new community gathering space | Local News

Source link Kennett Square adds Parklet as a new community gathering space | Local News

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