Kelsey Grammer yells Paris and Michael Jackson | Celebrities

Kelsey Grammer cried when she remembered seeing Paris Jackson with her father Michael as a kid.

The way the “Frager” star first met his “Space Between” co-star when he was young when he happened to meet a “thriller” hit maker who died of an accidental overdose in 2009. There was a “beautiful” family bond.

Regarding “extras,” he recalled: “I was checking in to Waldorf and Michael was there. [Jackson].. He was recording something. It was the best moment.

“He stopped greeting. We shook hands and he wore a small mask, but she said,’Daddy.’ “”

The 66-year-old star shed tears, adding: “He held her in his arms and said,’Oh, hello little kid.’ She was very nice and it was just beautiful.

“She was cute, and she’s still pretty cute.”

Kelsey remembered being impressed with how the “Billie Jean” singer handled the attention she received everywhere she went.

He said: “Boy, they chased him and shot him all the time, and I wondered,” How do you handle it? ” I have my own share. “

The actor was impressed with her performance in 23-year-old Paris and their new film.

He said: “She did a good job [in the movie].. She was fine. “

Meanwhile, Paris revealed that she suffered from PTSD due to the paparazzi frenzy that followed her family when she was young.

She states: “I’ve had a lot of treatments, sometimes with camera clicks and hallucinations with severe delusions, and that’s included. I can hear the trash bag rattling and panicking.

“I think it’s standard PTSD.”

Kelsey Grammer yells Paris and Michael Jackson | Celebrities

Source link Kelsey Grammer yells Paris and Michael Jackson | Celebrities

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