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Kelly Osbourne’s pet dog, Polly, died following a “heart defect in the lungs.”

The 36-year-old star went to Instagram on Thursday (22.07.21) to reveal sad news that Polly, a fluffy white dog, died after admitting that she had been “ravaged” and left “broken”. did.

Kelly writes with a photo of Polly: “I promised to brake from social media during the summer … but this week I wanted to let you know that I lost Polly due to a heart defect in my lungs. She’s been by my side for six years. I was there. I have no way to continue without her.

“It’s an understatement to say I’m devastated. I’ve never felt this pain. I’ve lost the shadow. I don’t think I’ll get over it. I My heart is broken. I’m broken !!! I’m not in a place to talk about it. To all my close friends … If you don’t get a reply, understand that you need time. as it is)”

Kelly said Polly was ill in May after she and her boyfriend Eric Bragg discovered that the dog “breathed very little and couldn’t move completely” early in the morning. Was first revealed.

She was told at the time, “We rushed her to a veterinarian who is currently being treated in the ICU. She believed that her heart had stopped, but I don’t know why.

“This dog makes more sense to me than anything else in the world. She is my heart and soul. Without this dog I wouldn’t be here yet.”

Meanwhile, it was recently alleged that Kelly’s dog (not confirmed to be Polly) drank whiskey and ate a lit cigarette at a party.

Kelly’s friend Tyler James wrote in his book “My Amy” (which records his life with his late best friend Amy Winehouse): .. We were all sitting around the table. I had a JD and the dog jumped on the table and started wrapping it out of the glass.

“Without lying, the dog took the lit cigarette out of the ashtray, put it in his mouth and started running around the flat.

“Kelly was angry with herself. We all shouted,” F ***, you can say that the dog is Osborne. ” “

Kelly Osbourne’s dog Polly dies | Entertainment News

Source link Kelly Osbourne’s dog Polly dies | Entertainment News

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