Kell Brian “Opens” for an Eternal Reunion | Music

Kelbrian does not rule out an eternal reunion.

The 46-year-old star isn’t interested in returning to music as a solo career because he’s busy working as Martine Devero at Hollyoaks, but he works with Louise Redknapp and his sisters Easter and Verney. Will accept the idea of ​​doing. Bennett again.

Asked if she would consider returning to music, she said OK! Magazine: “No. I say so, but there’s a lot of talk about Eternal coming back together for a reunion.

“Last week we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary, which is amazing. I never deny it, there is always a conversation about it, and as long as it’s the right time, I’ll do it. I support you.

“But not as a solo artist.”

Kele is also keen on stinting in theater, but her schedule doesn’t allow it so far.

She states: “I want to do a musical, but my current career is on TV and I’m a regular in the series. Soap life is fulfilling.”

After the Eternal Split, Kele was keen to return to acting, but initially admitted that it was difficult to get her breakthrough as the band “erased” everything else in her resume.

She added: “It was important to find confidence. Not many people know that I was an actor before I became a singer.

“I did it before I entered Eternal, but it didn’t matter because the band annihilated everything I had done so far.

“I entered the room and could only be an eternal kere. It was daunting, but I was delighted. I think it gave me the trust of the casting director. ..

“I had profiles from other parts of the industry, so I showed that I wasn’t just raising my legs.”

Kell Brian “Opens” for an Eternal Reunion | Music

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