Kahn faces the first parliamentary grill as FTC chair

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— FTC fireworks? Lina Khan is witnessing in Congress for the first time today since she became chairman of the FTC. Expect tough questions from her and her fellow commissioners — especially in the uncertainty of government antitrust proceedings against Facebook.

— Show me the data: Prominent House and Senators are demanding that Facebook reveal the extent and extent of vaccine-related falsehoods on its platform.

— And show me the money: As Facebook reports its revenue today, you might get a glimpse of how much Apple’s new data privacy regime has hurt social networks.

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FTC Commissioner Creates House E & C Cameo — Leaders of the country’s best consumer protection agencies will face questions starting this morning Member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee Everything from antitrust laws and new scams in the pandemic era to FTC-related bills. The star witness is Lina Khan, who is the first to testify directly before Congress. Become FTC Chair (the youngest in history).. Here are some things to keep in mind:

— From FTC: Commissioner emphasizes how severely undermined FTC’s ambitions April Supreme Court ruling This deprived government agencies of one of the most effective mechanisms for punishing illegal business conduct, the so-called 13 (b) authority. Until recently, agencies could use that power to force companies to repay their customers or waive their profits if they realized that the commissioner violated consumer protection or antitrust laws. It’s done.

“Unless the agency has a clear authority to get financial relief., this [SCOTUS] The decision continues to impede our ability to provide refunds to Americans who have been victims of deceptive, unfair, or anti-competitive behavior, “says the commissioner. Their jointly prepared testimony.. “Regaining the FTC’s power to seek injunctions and financial relief is very important to our work.”

Committee members who have long been resource-bound and flooded during the pandemic will also demand additional money from the house panel. Khan and Rohit Chopra will be present in person, but the agency’s other three commissioners, Christine Wilson, Noah Phillips and Rebecca Slaughter, effectively testify.

— From Congressman: Panel members can ask the commissioner about Legislative herd From the Sub-Committee — Some aimed at strengthening the FTC’s authority (such as rule-making and independent litigation authority) and others limiting the FTC (such as limiting the length of the FTC’s Consent Decree). I have. Proponents of the proposal state that they are all aimed at protecting consumers.

— Privacy subtext: Parliamentary Democrats have long said that the FTC needs to improve privacy, so don’t be surprised to beat that today and criticize the FTC as weaker than other consumer protection buddies. please. It’s worth noting that in the absence of federal privacy legislation from Congress, some of today’s lineup of democratic bills, in theory, help government agencies become stronger privacy regulators. )

Meanwhile, Republicans, Can double Recent phone For the president to prioritize privacy law and for lawmakers to convene a hearing about it. “Given that the proposal on today’s agenda was part of the previous bipartisan privacy negotiations in Congress, we’re hearing how to adapt the bill under consideration to national privacy standards,” he said. Top Republican member of E & C. Kathy McMorris Rogers (R-Wash.), I will say each statement shared with MT.

— And read between the lines of competition: The hearing seems to be about the consumer protection aspect of the FTC, but when Khan (and others) are asked on Facebook, the FTC chair withdraws from the authorities’ antitrust proceedings against the tech giant. Don’t be surprised if you have any plans.

Republicans may also raise concerns about the agency’s decision to require all mergers to undergo a 30-day review, rather than ending a scrutiny of non-controversial transactions early. Republicans are also dissatisfied with Sen’s recent changes in procedures. Mike Leigh (R-Utah) etc. Attacked As “reducing the role of minority commissioner”.

With love from Congress— On Facebook, top executives of the Biden administration, false alarm experts, and advocates have dominated the country with the spread of false alarms on the platform, especially the Covid-19 delta variant, and vaccination rates have leveled off.

One general complaint Facebook claims that billions of users have seen “trustworthy” information about Covid-19 and vaccines, but Facebook wasn’t positive about the number of people who saw the opposite. (“What we get is a rosy photo without a real honest conversation about what the dark side of this is,” a White House official said. I said last week about Facebook data.. The company is also taking steps that critics will do. Makes that information hard to find.. Facebook did not respond to the request for comment.

— Email to Mark: Sen. Bob Menendez (DN.J.); Person in charge Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), Chair of the E & C Consumer Protection Panel, which convened today’s hearing. And the person in charge. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.), E & C Health Subcommittee Chairman, this week documents requesting Facebook CEO for more (and better) data on the range of false and disinformation related to the Covid vaccine. I sent that.

— Menendez has requested that Facebook “publish all data related to false alarms of vaccines” by August 10. The lack of data claims that it is “part of your company’s greater practice of refusing to provide direct answers to Congressional inquiries.” (((In a memo, He gave some examples where Facebook doesn’t answer his questions or seems to dodge them. )

“It’s ironic that companies that encourage users to share the deepest details about their lives refuse to share most of the information about their practices,” Menendez added.

— Meanwhile, Shakowski and Eshu cast their weight behind an investigation by Attorney General Karl Racine in Washington, DC. Whether Facebook’s mishandling of coronavirus information violates consumer protection laws.Racine I recently summoned Facebook for a record In connection with this issue, we called on the tech giant to share the results of an internal investigation into pandemic misinformation and disinformation. The two lawmakers piggybacked on those requests.

Resonating Menendez, Shakowski and Eshu have been added: “Racine’s deadline wasn’t met, the latest in a long line that didn’t disclose or carry out an internal investigation outlining Facebook’s role in disinformation and disinformation.” We also asked for answers on how many people saw the Covid-19 disinformation by late August and how much advertising revenue it generated.

— Khan-related wrinkles: Shakowski has promised not to meet with a company that has requested Khan to withdraw from the FTC proceedings. As Facebook has.. Therefore, these answers must be submitted in writing.

Related technical quote du Jules — of Comments on the intelligence community On Tuesday, President Joe Biden warned of the spread of “disinformation that was rampant” — and provided disturbing hints about what might come. “See what Russia is already doing about the 2022 elections and false information,” he said, citing Tuesday’s edition of the classified president’s daily report. “It’s a pure breach of our sovereignty.”

Next up on Facebook — Social media giants are reporting revenue today at 5 pm ET. Listen to Top Brass commenting on how the online advertising business is doing, after Apple has imposed privacy changes this spring, making it easier for consumers to opt out of tracking between apps. .. Facebook CFO David Wehner Said in april The company expected Apple’s update to “begin to affect the second quarter.” (In Apple’s own earnings announcement Tuesday afternoon, CEO Tim Cook emphasized that user privacy is a “basic human right.”)

— Listen to comments from Facebook How uncertainties in transatlantic data transfer are impacting operations in the United States and Europe.

Everything about Benjamin — The average cost of recovering from a data breach reached a record $ 4.24 million over the past year as companies moved to remote work during a pandemic, according to an IBM Security annual report. Data breach report costs, Released early today. For companies in the medical industry, these costs averaged $ 9.23 million per case.

Penny LeeHas recently led Invariant’s Public Relations Practice Group and will be the first CEO of the Financial Technology Association. … Jay Parik, Former Facebook Vice President of Engineering Joins Cloud Security Company Race work As its co-chief executive officer. … Cheryl GenkoThe director of the Institute of Telecommunications Science, the research and engineering division of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration of the US Department of Commerce, has left NTIA to the private sector. Eric Nelson I am becoming the deputy director of the institute.

The spirit of working from anywhere in Silicon Valley steps into a talent war. “SMEs far from the coast are in a pinch now that software engineers and marketing guru can work in stream huts while withdrawing big bucks from Facebook and Salesforce.” WSJ report..

Million Dollar Question: Will AI help us tackle climate change? View from Bloomberg..

Spread thinly: “Jack Dorsey runs two companies. How many more can he handle?” Via protocol..

Eyes looking at emoji: The Pentagon may expand its footprint in Silicon Valley, POLITICO Report..

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Kahn faces the first parliamentary grill as FTC chair

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