Justin Theroux mispronounces his name | Celebrity

Justin Theroux mispronounces his name.

The uncle of the “Leftovers” star claims that the actor has mispronounced his name for years and is pronounced “tha-roo” instead of “tha-row”.

In a clip posted online, Justin said: “The’Mosquito Coast’was written by my uncle Paul, whose name is Justin Paul Theroux.”

Paul added in the same video: “The main character is played by my nephew Justin Theroux. He sometimes calls himself Justin Theroux. This is the French name for Theroux.”

Justin, who previously described working as an actor, on the other hand, is a bit like being a real spy.

Asked if there was any duplication between work, Justin said, “Yes, maybe you’re pretending to be someone else. One difference is … and more serious actors are them. Makes me laugh when I think they’re really doing What they don’t do at all is that there’s no danger in the life of the actor: stunting and saying, “I’m really proud of myself. First, I walked some stairs. ” But no one is actually shooting you, no one is trying to kill you or poison you. So that part isn’t really part of the actor’s work description. “

Justin also compared his experience shooting action scenes with “dance.”

He explained: “I really enjoy it. It’s like dancing. There are nine steps in a scene where you do something, break someone’s neck, pull a gun, and then hit them. . Throw hot water overhead …

“In a way I like trying to perfect dance moves. It’s not the most burdensome job in the world. I only do it in bursts of 30 or 60 seconds. It’s not. You Like doing it forever, and my stamina is pretty good for that. “

Justin Theroux mispronounces his name | Celebrity

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