Julia Breathler joins Elite Field Hockey Century Club

Julia Bresler didn’t have to move across the family backyard to hone her field hockey skills.

When Julia played against her sister Emma and Bell, it was a hassle to just stick a stick on the ball. However, these highly competitive and sometimes frustrating family games helped Julia Bresler grow into one of Berks County’s top players.

“We are all really competitive,” said Bresler, senior Berks Catholic.

That fire and spirit helped Bresler join the elite group when she became just the seventh Berks County player to score 100 career goals. She ranked in 100th place with 6 goals in Saints’ victory over Exeter last week.

But without teammate Aubrey Uba, the milestone might have been overlooked.

“I didn’t understand that until I scored and Aubrey said’hit 100′,” Bresler said. “I didn’t even know.”

Bressler’s 100th goal is an elite company that includes current big ten stars at Pennsylvania State University, Sophia Gradu and Northwestern University’s Peyton Halsey, and twin-valley graduated female representatives Ashley Hoffman and Kelly Lepage. is.

Two other Berks County seniors, Natalifoster in Twin Valley and Casey Lindewald in Fleetwood, are also approaching their 100 career goals. Foster scored 94 goals and Dewald scored 90 goals when he entered play on Wednesday.

“It’s really cool,” Bresler said. “They are really talented people. It’s a big achievement.”

Since its inception, Bresler has been surrounded by talented field hockey players. She and her sisters are former Wilson’s outstanding Katie (Kaufman) Beach and Molly (Kaufman) Periandi’s niece. Beach was a longtime member of the US national team who played at the University of Maryland and played at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Periandi also played in Maryland, helping Terp win the 1999 NCAA Championship.

Julia is heading in the opposite direction next fall as she continues her academic and field hockey career at the University of Connecticut.

The glorious year of Sister Kaufman was before the time of Julia Bresler, but heritage was planted in her and her sisters at an early age.

“We all started at an early age,” said Emma Bresler. “She was born with it.”

Emma returned to Berks County after graduating from Kent State University in the spring. She is Vicky Schutt’s assistant coach at Berks Catholic, watching her sister make history and trying to help rebuild the saints after losing eight starters from last year’s Burks runner-up team. ..

This is the second time Julia Bresler has united with her sister in Barks Catholicism. In 2018, when she was a freshman, Bresler played with Bell, now a junior in Maryland.

“It was fun to be together and I think we both really enjoyed it,” Schut said.

But Schut admits that during Julia’s freshman season, it wasn’t all fun and games. Bell was a very strong scorer, so Schutt said he decided to use the skills Julia Bresler developed to play clubfield hockey in X-Calibur to strengthen the saint’s defenses. I did.

“As a freshman, she didn’t understand,” Schut said. “I’m glad Bell was there to help her through it.”

Still, Julia Bresler scored 22 goals to go with 18 assists as a freshman. She also scored 21 goals and 17 assists during the COVID shortening season last fall.

However, none of them prevented Bresler from joining the Elite 100 Goal Club and adding it to the heritage of Kaufman and Bresler’s family.

“I think that’s what keeps her motivated,” Schut said. “She has great expectations for herself because it’s a good company to participate in. She sets these goals and works really hard to achieve them.”

100 goal club

Sophia Gradu, OLAP Valley 206

Alivia Klopp, Turpe Hocken 130

Lisa Rowe, Daniel Boone 124

Peyton Halsey, Excelter 106

Kelee Lepage, Twin Valley 106

x-Julia Bresler, Berks Catholic 105

Ashley Hoffman, Twin Valley 104


Julia Breathler joins Elite Field Hockey Century Club

Source link Julia Breathler joins Elite Field Hockey Century Club

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