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Judges Do Not Dismiss 25 Murders Against Ohio Doctors | Nationwide

Columbus, Ohio (AP) — A judge on Friday refused to dismiss 25 murder charges against an Ohio doctor accused of ordering excessive painkillers from hospital patients. Proceed to trial.

William Husel, 46, pleaded not guilty. His lawyer says he provided dying patients with the Mount Carmel Health System in the Columbus area with comfortable care without trying to kill them.

Mount Carmel’s review concluded that Husel ordered excess painkillers from about three dozen patients who died over the years, but dismissed doctors contained at least 500 micrograms of the powerful painkiller fentanyl. I was charged only if. Prosecutors prior to this case, who were not re-elected, said they would use very high doses for those who have been ventilated in non-surgical situations. Pointed out the intention to end life..

Husel’s lawyer must have misrepresented whether such dosing was certainly fatal, while still in secret grand jury proceedings, so the resulting prosecution should be dismissed. Insisted. They said the prosecutor had records from patients who survived for several days after receiving higher doses, not part of the indictment.

Current prosecutors alleged that Husel’s team did not prove that there was an illegal act on the part of the prosecution or that the grand jury was misunderstood.

Judge Michael Holbrook of Franklin County agreed with Friday’s ruling, reiterating that the defense’s “speculation” did not meet the legal standards worth disclosing the secret grand jury records they sought. rice field.

The message for comment was left to Husel’s attorneys, including Jose Baez, a Florida-based attorney known for successfully defending prominent clients such as Casey Anthony and Aaron Hernandez.

Husel’s trial is scheduled for February.

His colleague who administered the dose was not charged with criminal charges, but the hospital system said he had dismissed 23 nurses, pharmacists, and managers after an internal investigation. In addition, the possibility of disciplinary action was referred to the board of directors of each state.

Mount Carmel has reached more than $ 17 million in settlements with patients’ families and property, and more proceedings are pending.

Husel and some of his former colleagues have also filed defamation proceedings accusing Mount Carmel of spreading a false story about what happened. The medical system denied it.

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Judges Do Not Dismiss 25 Murders Against Ohio Doctors | Nationwide

Source link Judges Do Not Dismiss 25 Murders Against Ohio Doctors | Nationwide

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