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Judge refuses to count sexual assault against Harvey Weinstein | Nationwide

Los Angeles (AP) — Thursday’s Los Angeles judge again rejected one of the 11 sexual assault counts in Harvey Weinstein’s indictment.

Judge Lisa B. Wrench first dismissed the number of sexual assaults two weeks ago as being too old to be within the statute of limitations, but the district attorney’s office was a 69-year-old former film mogul. Allowed amendments to allegations against rape criminals convicted in.

On Thursday, she found that neither of the two attempts at the corrected complaint from the prosecutor resolved the problem and refused to count again.

Weinstein attended a hearing in LA County prison attire. He was taken to a wheelchair-bound courtroom and removed from the cuff when the procedure began.

Wrench gave the prosecutor a little hope for the dismissed count, saying she might accept it if she reconvened the grand jury and returned the new indictment to the grand jury. But she didn’t give any specific instructions.

“I can’t tell you what to do,” the judge said.

The date of the rejected count is May 2010. Weinstein was first charged in January 2020, before the statute of limitations expired. The prosecutor was then charged with the same number of cases by the grand jury six months later, over time.

The judge agreed with Weinstein’s lawyer Alan Jackson that the grand jury’s indictment was a new indictment and therefore too late.

“People know they’re trying to save what they can’t rescue,” Jackson said in court. “They did it, they blew it away, they can’t fix it.”

The prosecution claimed it was a continuation of the same case.

The count is only a small part of the case, but dismissing it will remove one of the five whistleblowers from Weinstein’s next trial.

The four counts of rape and the other six counts of sexual assault are still intact. Waynestein pleaded not guilty to all of them when he first appeared in a California lawsuit last month. He was handed over from New York and sentenced to 23 years in prison for rape and sexual assault.

Other charges against Weinstein are against older cases, but different laws apply to them.

The defense also revealed at a hearing that a list of 248 witnesses had been given for the next undated trial.

Weinstein’s lawyers try to reject many of them, and as they try to erode the proceedings against him, a more technical battle may come.

“Today is a good example of why we need a judge with a backbone, and a jury with a tough spine to confront false accusations,” Weinstein’s lawyer Mark Worksman said outside the courtroom. rice field.


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Judge refuses to count sexual assault against Harvey Weinstein | Nationwide

Source link Judge refuses to count sexual assault against Harvey Weinstein | Nationwide

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