Judge OKs One Murder Case With Death of Sleeping Woman

Greensburg, Pennsylvania (AP) — A judge charges a single murder against a man accused of killing a sleeping woman by firing several bullets at a house in western Pennsylvania. Was found to be allowed to seek a conviction. It was part of a failed drug deal.

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Unity’s 23-year-old Nathan Quidetto died in Westmoreland County at the age of 52 in July 2020 and was charged with murder, reckless danger, and weapons crime. Tracy Marie Squib.

State police insisted that Kidette wanted to scare someone involved in the drug trade failure, but drove to the wrong house and said, “I’m not even close to being in the right house,” a police spokesman said. rice field. I hit a squib that was sleeping with her husband and two children.

Defendant lawyer Emily Smart argued that there was no evidence that Kidette intended to kill the squib and that the number of murders should be dismissed, but Tribune-Review Report The judge did not agree.

Judge Tim Krieger of the Common Pleas Court said the defendant could be convicted of murder.

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Krieger also rejected another defense attempt prohibiting prosecutors from using Quidette’s statements for investigators. The defense alleged that Kidette sought a lawyer, but the Tribune Review reported that he had previously agreed to speak to the investigator without a legal representative because the lawyer would take too long to arrive. There is.

Judge OKs One Murder Case With Death of Sleeping Woman

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