Judge Judy returns to TV with his granddaughter in November | Entertainment

New York — Judge Judy Sheindlin will return to television on November 1st to challenge her new red robe, towed granddaughter, and herself.

On Thursday, she announced the start date and name of a new show, Judy Justice, available on weekdays on the lesser-known IMDbTV, a free streaming service provided by Amazon.

Sheindlin, 79, moved to a new show 25 years later when her syndication contract with CBS Media Ventures ended with some pain. For more than a decade, “Judge Judy” has been the most popular show in syndication with a tart-speaking New Yorker, arbitrating small claims cases.

CBS immediately signed a contract to continue broadcasting the rerun of “Judge Judy.”

Shaindrin joins “Judy Justice” with a new television courtman and shorthand. Sarah Rose, a legal officer and Shaindrin’s granddaughter, will be a legal analyst.

“She is smart, cheeky, and disagreeable,” her grandmother said. “Who knows where she gets those traits?”

The filming of the old “Judge Judy” ended after CBS purchased an old episode of the show from Sheindlin. This allowed CBS to continue to sell the right to air them through the syndication market without paying her to create new episodes. Shaindrin was widely believed to be the country’s highest-paying television star.

Former New York judge Sheindlin complains to CBS for giving Drew Barrymore a priority time frame for another new court show, “Hot Bench,” created by Sheindlin. I was also told to have one. According to The Wall Street Journal..

“We had a wonderful marriage,” Shaindrin told the journal earlier this year. “It will be a divorce between Bill and Melinda Gates.”

Two of her longtime producers, Randy Dutit and Amy Freisleben, will join Judy Justice.

Bill Carroll, a veteran analyst in the syndication market, said viewers of “Judge Judy” have been conditioned to watch reruns for years. He said that some broadcasters would run a series of episodes, one new and one rerun.

According to Carroll, the look and format of the show has been consistent for years, making it timeless for many viewers.

“If you tell most viewers that these aren’t new shows, they’ll say,’Oh, really?’,” He said. To be fair, he said, while streaming viewers are less than most TV shows, it’s almost certain that the number of viewers will exceed “Judy Justice.”

CBS said the number of stations performing reruns was “substantially the same” as when the fresh episodes were offered.

Still, the value of “JudyJustice” to IMDb TV is to direct new viewers to the service, where it can be exposed to other services.

“For them, it can’t be anything but good,” Carroll said. “For her, it allows her to do what she likes.”

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Judge Judy returns to TV with his granddaughter in November | Entertainment

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