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Judge again denies the bond of prominent lawyer Alex Murdow | Nationwide

Columbia, South Carolina (AP) — A Prominent South Carolina Lawyer A family housekeeper could also stay in jail for months as the judge refused the bond again until the insurance fraud trial, as his wife and son were found to have been shot dead in the deceased house.

Circuit Judge Clifton Newman First rejected Alex Murdow’s bond On October 19, however, Murdo’s lawyer was asked to send reports on his mental condition from experts, including those who were involved in a one-month stay to receive treatment for opioid addiction.

The judge’s order, after reviewing the report for more than two weeks, he said Considerable financial resources and mental instability It’s too dangerous to allow him to remain free until trial on suspicion of stealing $ 3.4 million in insurance money he intended to go to the son of a dead housekeeper.

“After considering the attorney’s allegations, submitted assessments, pending accusations and other investigations, and the defendant’s apparent personality and mental state, the court finds that the defendant is dangerous to both himself and his community. “It was certified,” Newman wrote.

Defendant lawyer Dick Harpootlian said Wednesday that Madau was disappointed with the refusal and his team was considering legal options.

A ruling issued late Tuesday could mean months or even years of delay before a 53-year-old lawyer, one of South Carolina’s most prominent lawyers, comes to court.

Murdo’s father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were all elected prosecutors in the small Hampton County. The family law firm, located in the most impressive building in town after the courthouse, spent a century winning a multi-million dollar verdict.

Still unresolved is the murder that has intensified scrutiny of Murdo and his family. According to his 911 call He returned home one night in June and found his wife Maggie (52) and son Paul (22) shot dead. Five months later, state police No suspect has been nominated No one excluded.

Murdo’s lawyer did not immediately respond to the bond’s refusal. They asked the judge to release Murdo at his own discretion. He was waiting for another trial on the allegations he attempted, as another judge did in September. Arrange for his own death May his surviving son receive $ 10 million in insurance. The prosecutor requested a $ 200,000 deposit and GPS surveillance.

The fraudulent charges of keeping Murdaugh in jail include two insurance payments. I’m supposed to go to my sons According to investigators, his longtime housekeeper, Gloria Satterfield, died in 2018 a few weeks after falling into a family home. Both of these felony—pretending to be false and acquiring property—can be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison.

Murdo tells Satterfield’s sons to help him get a settlement for her death. A lawyer who was a family friend According to the proceedings filed by the sons, without telling them about the relationship.

Murdaugh negotiated a payment of over $ 4 million and received a check (fee minus attorney’s payment). Deposit to a fraudulent bank accountSaid the investigator.

Satterfield’s family lawyer said he was pleased to see that Madau had not received special treatment from the judicial system.

“The former bond hearing Alex Murdo clearly shows that he does not respect judicial proceedings, legitimate creditors and victims of his criminal activity, and that ordinary rules do not apply to him. We have taken steps, “lawyers Eric Brand and Ronnie Richter said in a statement.

Murdaugh was first arrested in September after making another 911 call.He first spoke to the police Someone shot him After he punctured On a lonely road And the bullet grabbed his head.

He later told investigators that Curtis “Eddie” Smith agreed to kill him and nothing was offered in exchange, officials said. Meanwhile, Smith said his friend Madau sought help without identification on September 4, and when he saw him holding a gun, he fired in an attempt to grab it.

Murdaugh and Smith were charged last week by a Grand Jury in Hampton County for conspiracy, false claims for payments, and false police reports. If convicted of all charges, they face up to 20 years in prison.

The seven-digit theft investigation involving Murdo handled by the state police is not limited to two insurance cases. A former law firm in Murdo, founded by his great-grandfather a century ago, accused him of: Probably steal millions of dollars..

And Madau Lost control of his finances His family seemed to be trying to hide the millions of dollars that could be collected in the proceedings after a judge in the lawsuit ruling a lawyer last week. The judge tore the power of the lawyer’s consensus that gave his surviving son, Buster Murdo, full control of Murdo’s money and legal affairs.

The family of a 19-year-old girl who died in a rowing crash in 2019 sued the Murdo family.Paul Murdo Had been charged Of boating under the influence that causes death when he is shot dead.

An independent lawyer overseeing the case of Alex Murdo has already asked the court to stop paying Murdo’s brothers. It said it lent him $ 470,000 in 2021 before he decided he was stealing money.

Both lawsuits over debt were filed after lawyers in the wrongful death case sought an independent monitor.


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Judge again denies the bond of prominent lawyer Alex Murdow | Nationwide

Source link Judge again denies the bond of prominent lawyer Alex Murdow | Nationwide

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