JP Sears has maintained A’s scoreless for over five innings as the Yankees defeated Auckland to win their 55th season – Leading Eagle

The Yankees entered the season knowing that the depth of pitching would be their deciding factor. Last night they soaked in it and tested it. JP Sears passed with a flying color. The left-handed player threw five scoreless innings at the start of the second Major League Baseball when the bomber beat A 2-1 at the stadium.

The Yankees (55-20) won three consecutive victories and won the best three game series. They won 19 of the 23 completed series and split them in two. A (25-51) lost six of the last eight.

Sears threw 12.2 innings in the big league without giving up the run. The 26-year-old kid distributed three hits, walked one and hit one.

“Given his performance and his potential, we put him on the list of 40 people in the off-season, but the fact that he made a big step up early on as an option for us here is really good for us. I feel, “said Aaron Boone.

Marwin Gonzalez hit his third home run off-season, and Jose Trevino decided to run to attack A’s ace Frankie Montas.

But Tuesday night was a real test of the Yankees’ pitching depth. They used Sears as a spot starter for this stretch of 20 games in 20 days with the aim of managing the rotation workload.

“This season will be a bit more challenging as the spring is short and there is no regular off-season to look at the players, so everyone will be tested,” Boone said. “We certainly continue to do so and you continue to try to enhance it with good options.”

In 2021, the pitcher dropped out of the COVID pandemic, abbreviated as the 2020 season, and there were concerns about the injured pitcher. Concerns were raised again this year when owner lockouts were pushed back, spring training was shortened, and most pitchers were able to stand on their own.

Yankees pitching coach Matt Blake said it would be difficult to get a pitcher this spring from July to August, the traditionally tiring season. However, the 20 games over the last 20 days were mini-stress tests. For bombers. You need to be proactive due to workload concerns with rotations and bullpen.

Luis Severino, who has pitched 72 innings so far this season, has pitched only 27 innings in the last three years due to an injury. Nester Cortez, who has never pitched more than 93 innings in the big league, has already pitched 79 innings this year. Left-handed people can probably go to 140 with normal accumulation. Michael King, who pitched 1.1 scoreless on Tuesday night, has already exceeded 22 appearances since 2021 and has pitched 41.2 innings in 26 appearances this season. He threw a total of 69 innings last season. Clay Holmes, who allowed the run but won his 13th save, threw 35.2 innings this season. This is almost half of the 70 times he threw last year.

The workload of the rescuer is affected by the injury. Aroldis Chapman, who has been on the list of injured for over a month due to an Achilles tendon problem, will throw a perfect inning on the Triple A on Tuesday night and will return to the bullpen soon. Jonathan Roai Shiga is also expected to help reduce the load on the bullpen at some point before the all-star break.

Domingo German, who threw 3.1 scoreless innings on Tuesday at Double A Somerset, is also expected to return to help manage both starter and relief loads. He threw 43 pitches, distributed 2 hits and hit 3 on Tuesday.

Clarke Schmidt was scheduled to start on Thursday with a Triple A. He has participated in big league clubs 14 times, including the start. He pitched to 3.00 ERA and 1.167 WHIP.

“Obviously, we’ve beaten Clark now. He’s going to get a little better, and it feels like Clark has made great strides this year,” Boone said.

Left-handed Ken Waldichuk started 1.99 ERA and 88 strikeouts in 58.2 innings with 12 triple As, and right-handed Hayden Wesneski had 55 strikeouts in 65 innings and 4.02 ERA in 14 triple As. And won 1.14 WHIP. Both are in the Yankees, Radar.

“So we are always aiming to strengthen that reservoir and keep moving to places where we have to use some things at different points of the year,” Boone said.


JP Sears has maintained A’s scoreless for over five innings as the Yankees defeated Auckland to win their 55th season – Leading Eagle

Source link JP Sears has maintained A’s scoreless for over five innings as the Yankees defeated Auckland to win their 55th season – Leading Eagle

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