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Jourdan Dunn wants to go on the path of acting.

The 30-year-old model confessed that she was thinking of a career in the film industry, but she didn’t want to be “OK” or “good”, so only if she could “surprisingly inspire.”

She said, “I want to do a really great cult TV series, or I want to do a Marvel movie because my son likes me. Some good actors, some good actors, some great actors. I want to be there. I don’t want to be good or good, I want to be a great person! “

Jordan admits that he was so negative about his own growth that he teaches his 11-year-old son Riley to accept the positives and promote the narcissistic side.

Talking about her childhood, she said, “My self-talk when I was young was very negative. The lesson I’m learning confirms that I’m teaching them Riley. Love Starts with self. Riley says, “Oh, I’m so stupid!” Riley, Riley, don’t say that! “

Riley was born with sickle cell disease, and Jordan admits that he felt “great guilt” about it.

She told The Sunday Times’ Style magazine, “I had the support of my mother and everyone, but it wasn’t the same. Mentally, it was a lot. I experienced a lot of guilt and shame. I gave this to my son-I have [genetic] Characteristics-and I had to keep it. “

Jourdan Dunn’s Acting Dream | Entertainment News

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