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JonBenet Ramsey’s father asks an outside agency to test his

Denver (AP) — JonBenet Ramsey’s father supports an online petition calling on the Governor of Colorado to intervene in her death investigation more than 25 years ago, leaving the DNA testing for the case to an outside agency. ..

A six-year-old mother was beaten and beheaded on December 26, 1996, in the basement of Boulder’s family home, hours after her mother called 911 that her daughter was missing and had a ransom note. It was found to be strangled and dead. .. Her death was sentenced to murder, but no one was charged.

John Ramsey said he hopes to transfer DNA evidence that has never been tested from Boulder police to another agency. KUSA-TV reported on Sunday..

“For some reason, we need to force the police or remove it from the police. This is the ability to test some evidence of crime scenes that have never been tested for DNA,” he said. Told.

“I’m confused because why it’s never been done and never done by the police.”

The Petition He states that advances in DNA and the use of genetic genealogy have led to the resolution of more cold cases across the country. Boulder police said they were “actively reviewing the genetic DNA testing process” to see if it was possible, as of the 25th anniversary of John Bene’s murder, to use DNA to resolve the case. He criticizes him for not doing enough. Applies to cases.

In a statement, Governor Jared Polis spokesperson said, “Which state will use new technology to review the petition, investigate this cold case further, and identify the murderer of John Bene Ramsey. Investigate how we can help. “

This statement did not mention the involvement of Boulder police.

Meanwhile, Boulder police said they are working with state law enforcement agencies and the FBI to regularly check the DNA of the case for new matches. As of December, the Colorado Research Bureau has updated more than 750 DNA samples from the latest DNA technology, Research. The department said in a statement.

“We have a common goal of bringing justice and hopefully peace to John Bene’s family and everyone affected by her loss,” police chief Maris Herold said in a statement. ..

Police were criticized for first handling an investigation into the murder of John Bene, who participated in a beauty pageant.

Details and video footage of the John Bene murder from the pageant have made the case one of the most famous mysteries in the United States, unleashing a series of criminal nonfiction books and television specials.

A district attorney at the time of John Bene’s murder said her parents were exposed to a “suspicious umbrella” early on, but a new DNA test found in her clothes in 2008 revealed her murder. It was shown that a “third party of unknown cause” was involved in. Not her parents John and Passy Ramsey, or their son Burke. So, two years after Passy Ramsey died of cancer, former district attorney Mary Lacy removed all of Ramsey’s involvement and called her couple “victims of this crime.”

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JonBenet Ramsey’s father asks an outside agency to test his

Source link JonBenet Ramsey’s father asks an outside agency to test his

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