Johnny Knoxville broke his penis shooting a jackass | Celebrity

Johnny Knoxville almost put his penis “off the mission”.

The 50-year-old “Jackass Forever” star, who is preparing for a delayed release of the fourth big screen installment in the Daredevil franchise, once injured his “Jim dog” while stunting. I remembered. I turned the bike over and left the catheter for over 3 years.

He tells Variety: It is well documented. Not much is said about it.

“The doctor said a few centimeters down, and it would have been off duty.”

However, the “bad grandpa” star joked about the birth of two children, his son Rocco (12 years old), his daughter Arlo (10 years old), and his wife Naomi Nelson, and everything was “normally”. It proves to be “working”.

Johnny said: “But since then, I have two children, so it’s going well. There’s too much information.”

Johnny (25-year-old daughter Madison and ex-wife Melanie Kates) experienced several other injuries while filming on MTV’s first “Jackass” in 2000. Ribs, concussion and cerebral hemorrhage.

The only stunt in the movie appears in the trailer, and the stuntman who sees the bull defeat him reveals that his family has not endorsed his extreme actions.

He states: “My family hates me doing this kind of thing. This is the most evil bull hit I’ve ever received.”

Johnny has now chosen to sit in the backseat and take over the next generation, including Zack Holmes, Rachel Wolfson and Eric Manaka.

He explained: I did enough. There is nothing to prove. I have a child to raise. That is the most important thing. “

The original show featured skateboarders Bam Margera, Steve O and others, and it’s “painful” for Johnny to work on the film without the late Ryan Dunn, who died in 2011 at the age of 34. I admitted.

“It was a cruel loss for everyone and something that sticks to me and all of us to this day. My kids don’t know Ryan, and it breaks my heart.”

On the other hand, as Johnny said, Bam also doesn’t work because of personal problems. “We all love Bam. He’s our brother, do you know? I care a lot about him,” he said.

Johnny Knoxville broke his penis shooting a jackass | Celebrity

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