John Travolta spouts “worshiping” his son Benjamin on his 11th birthday.Celebrity

John Travolta spewed out that his youngest child, Benjamin, was “worshiping” in a heartfelt birthday homage.

The 67-year-old Hollywood legend gave his followers a rare glimpse of his boy on his 11th birthday.

Along with Benjamin and his daughter Ella, 21, sitting with her father, he wrote on Instagram: Your dad loves you “

Ella also posted many happy returns to her brother.

She writes: “Happy Birthday Benjamin! The sweetest boy I know. You keep teaching me a lot and brighten our lives. I love you.”

Benjamin was born a year and a half after the family lost their 16-year-old Jet Travolta in 2009.

Their mother is the late Kelly Preston, who died of cancer in July 2020 at the age of 57.

The “Saturday Night Fever” star primarily keeps his youngest child away from the spotlight.

But on Halloween, he posted another Instagram of his son, writing: What was your favorite candy bar you grew up in? “

John also shared the sweet moment when Benjamin adopted a cat and wrote in their photos “Ben’s New Cat Crystal.”

In August, John revealed how his view of mortality changed after a deep conversation with his descendants.

Benjamin told his father that he was worried that he would die after his mother died prematurely.

And John explained that everyone had to leave the world someday and he should see death as part of his life.

Talking to Kevin Hart at Peacock’s talk show “Heart to Heart,” he began: “[Ben] I once told me, “I’m worried that you’re going because my mom died.”

“I said,’Well, that’s a very different thing.’ And I experienced the difference between my longevity and her limited life.

“I said,’But you know, Ben … you always love the truth, and I’m going to tell you the truth about life. When they go, when they stay No one knows your brother [Jett] I left it at 16:00. It’s too young. Your mother left at the age of 57. It was too young. But who says? I may die tomorrow. you could. Anyone can do it. So let’s look at it as it is part of life. I don’t know exactly. I will do my best to live as long as possible. “

Ben then asked his father if he was still alive 30 years later, admitting that by the end of the conversation, his entire “perspective” of aging had changed.

He continued: “I said,’Yeah.’ He said,” Does it look like a long time 30 years ago? “I said,” Yeah. ” He said, “Do you think you will live another 30 years in your life?” I said, “Yes, that’s right. There are at least 30 more years.” He said, “It’s What’s wrong? “This is 10 years old telling me that! That changed my point of view. “

John Travolta spouts “worshiping” his son Benjamin on his 11th birthday.Celebrity

Source link John Travolta spouts “worshiping” his son Benjamin on his 11th birthday.Celebrity

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