John Cena Expecting Fast & Furious Return | Movie

John Cena wants to return to the “Fast and Furious” series.

The 44-year-old star wants to make his debut in the high-speed action series as Jacob Trett in “F9” and play the character again, but he warns that he’s not “high enough” to make a decision. did.

When asked if fans would see more Jacob, John told the insider, “I’m a fan, so I want to say I want to see more Jacob.”

Former WWE Star added: “As a newcomer to the team, I’m not high enough to make these decisions.

“I sincerely hope that the world will enjoy’F9′. If they enjoy it, maybe I’ll take another shot.”

John played Vin Diesel’s protagonist Dominic Toretto’s long-deceased brother, explaining that he must always remove Toretto’s cross and keep that part secret during filming.

He told Digital Spy: “Costumes are costumes, whatever you need, but if you have a candid person with coffee in my hands and on the cross, it’s a dead gift.

“It’s amazing that there’s so much energy and gravity around one piece of jewelry. It’s one of the things I wore before they said rolls, and as soon as they said cuts. I removed it. Underlap. “

A younger version of John’s character was played by Finn Cole, and Senna praised the actor’s performance.

He said: “Fin mastered the young Jacob. I’m very happy because I didn’t have time to rot. He made it beautiful.

“It was a big role and a lot of expectations for it. He shot most of Fast & Furious. He shot the first part (of the series) and did a great job.”

John Cena Expecting Fast & Furious Return | Movie

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