Jim Introduces Commuting Allowance Bill to Reduce Commuting Costs | Local News

Large councilor Helen Jim introduced a law on Thursday to increase transit passenger numbers.

The bill creates a commuting allowance program that allows thousands of workers to use their pre-tax income to cover their commuting costs.

“Bringing new riders to Philadelphia’s public transport network is important for both the recovery and safety of our city,” Jim said. “This program makes our transportation system more accessible to the myriad of Philadelphia, and we know that a busy transportation system is a safer transportation system.”

The Commuting Allowance Bill requires employers with 50 or more employees to offer a program that includes public transport passes and fares, van pool and bicycle costs.

“Too many Philadelphians are experiencing a financial burden between inflation and record high gas prices, so we need to do everything we can to reduce costs elsewhere. “Jamie Gautier, councilor of District D-3, said. “The Council Member Gym’s Commuting Benefits Act does just that. The use of public transport also helps our collective public health as it reduces road congestion and emissions. Leadership of the Council Member Gym Thank you and are proud to co-sponsor this. Statement. “

Similar transit programs are available in New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Washington, DC.

“Transit Forward Philadelphia is pleased that Council Member Jim has introduced legislation to encourage the use of public transport throughout the city and to enhance the principles of transport fairness in all Philadelphia. “Masu,” said Yasha Zarrinkelk, Coalition Manager and Organizer of Transit Forward Philadelphia. “If passed, the Employee Commuting Allowance Benefits Program will save up to $ 280 a month on low-income Philadelphia transportation costs and will be available for housing, grocery and medical care. Car ownership costs. High and high gas prices. Historically, people who rely on SEPTA every day, such as low-income residents and communities of colored races, will benefit most from this program, but commuting. Benefit programs help improve long-standing racial and income traffic inequality. “

Large councilor Isaiah Thomas has called on the Pennsylvania State Parliament to use federal funding from the COVID-19 Relief Package to fund state-wide Freedom Schools, including Philadelphia.

Thomas referred to Illinois’ $ 17 million funding initiative for Freedom Schools, saying Pennsylvania would receive $ 4 billion in relief funding, which should be in line with Illinois’ pledge.

“Illinois is using the # COVID19 bailout to fund Freedom Schools. Today at @ PHLCouncil, I’m calling on PA to do the same,” Thomas tweeted. “Emphasis on literacy, cultural affluence, and servant leadership will help students who need it most.”

Thomas’s resolution states that Freedom Schools is part of literacy and cultural affluence and emphasizes leadership.

Members of the council said the Philadelphia Freedom School, which has been in operation since 1999 and launched an independent curriculum in 2006, is a pillar of out-of-school time activities with a quality program between after school and summer. rice field.

“We talk about attracting young people after school and during the summer,” Thomas tweeted. “Freedom Schools prioritizes youth recruitment and programming. We can focus on a safe and enjoyable summer, but we need to plan and invest now.”

Jim Introduces Commuting Allowance Bill to Reduce Commuting Costs | Local News

Source link Jim Introduces Commuting Allowance Bill to Reduce Commuting Costs | Local News

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